BNP leader urges people to take interest in politics

Published: April 16, 2018


KHARAN: Former senator and Balochistan National Party (BNP) Central Leader Sanaullah Baloch has said that the people of our society think that politics is the responsibility of a selected few and take no interest in it at all, which gives politicians a free hand.

“Those selected few deprive the people of their rights and taint politics,” said the BNP central leader in his speech during an event titled ‘What is Politics’ at a local school on Sunday.

The event was attended by a large number of social and literary activists as well as Ideal Academy Chairman Amanullah Baloch, Riaz Zarambash and BNP leaders Nadeem Baloch, Haji Nusrat Mengal and Sheikh Maulvi Naimatullah. Students of various schools also showed up at the event.

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Shedding light on politics in Pakistan, Sanaullah Baloch said, “Politics is a vast topic the intricacies of which cannot be elaborated in a short time period.”

Baloch maintained that participation in country’s politics involved active struggle for rights.

He said, “The governance system cannot run without problems which stem either from negligence or difference in attitude of the ruling elite. All these things happen because people consider that politics is a matter of a selected few.”

He said that politics was a noble work rather than that of responsibility.

He showed confidence in the youth of Kharan and hoped that passion, empathy and responsibility would lead the youngsters towards development.

He hoped that from the youngsters would act as a ray of hope for bringing Pakistan on the right track.

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