Indian man swallows keys, wires, mobile phone in bid to get married

Ajay Dwivedi, 42, turned to a 'tantric' fearing he had been cursed with black magic

News Desk April 09, 2018
Ajay Dwivedi, 42, turned to a 'tantric' fearing he was cursed with black magic. PHOTO COURTESY: TIMES OF INDIA

A man from India's Uttar Pradesh risked his life by swallowing various metal objects, all in a bid to get married.

Ajay Dwivedi, 42, often remained ill which prevented him from getting married. Fearing he has been cursed with black magic, Dwivedi turned to a 'tantric'.

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The mystic ordered Dwivedi to religiously follow his instructions, to which he agreed. As a part of 'treatment', the 'tantric' ordered Dwivedi to eat his mobile phone and battery, keys, sharp wires, glass, and other such objects.


The 42-year-old obliged and soon developed a stomach ache, after which he was rushed to a private hospital. The attendant prescribed an X-ray and was shocked to find metal object in the patient's body.

Dwivedi was instantly taken for surgery, during which the doctor extracted metal items from his body.

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SK Singh, the surgeon, reported that Dwivedi seemed to have developed suicidal tendencies which led him to comply to the 'tantric's' bizarre instructions.

This article originally appeared on TOI.


Fahim salim | 4 years ago | Reply Pappu yours was hilarious comment i laughed alot , 2 cm is a bit on the high side.
Loin | 4 years ago | Reply The key to getting married is swallowing a bunch of keys? He obviously has psychological issues.
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