YDA Punjab gives govt till the 16th

Published: May 11, 2011
YDA Pakistan says it will oppose strike at teaching hospitals.

YDA Pakistan says it will oppose strike at teaching hospitals.


The Young Doctors’ Association (YDA) Punjab on Tuesday conditionally postponed its strike scheduled for Wednesday, giving the Punjab government till May 16 to meet the rest of their demands. YDA Pakistan, however, has said that if the YDA Punjab goes on strike they would oppose it.

The government had announced on Monday a package for public sector doctors. The YDA Punjab was unhappy with some service related issued. The general council of YDA Punjab meeting on Tuesday in Bahawalpur unanimously decided to give the government till May 16 to meet the remainder of their demands.

The YDA Punjab has conditionally welcomed the Punjab government’s announcement regarding the raise in doctors’ salaries, a spokesman said. YDA Pakistan leaders, however, extended unconditional support to the government’s package and hoped that service related issues would be resolved amicably by the committee. They said they would oppose YDA Punjab if it resumed its strike in the teaching hospitals.

YDA Punjab press secretary Dr Aftab Ashraf told The Express Tribune that the government had not fulfilled the commitment it had made to them. He said the government had backed out of its earlier promise of upgrading all public sector doctors’ jobs.

Dr Ashraf said the government had allowed a Rs10,000 allowance to the doctors from BPS 18 to BPS 20 but had not promoted them.

The government, he said, had also not made it clear yet if the raise would be given in installments or in one go. He said the YDA Punjab was promised by the committee that the entire raise would be given immediately.

He said the government had also not fulfilled its promise for pay protection. The Rs3,370 pay protection was insufficient, he added.

He said that medical officers work on a contract basis for 10 years and get 10 increments during their tenure. He said that when these doctors were given regular jobs or selected as assistant professors their increments might be withdrawn.

Dr Ashraf said it was clearly unjust that a regular-service MO would take a salary of over Rs40,000 while peers on contract would receive a salary of Rs30,000 once their services were regularised.

He said the government should add all the increments in the case of such doctors.

He said the government had promised them that their service structure would, like that of other public servants, include a time-scale promotion.

He said that for a BPS-17 MO recruited through the Punjab Public Service Commission there was no guarantee when he would be promoted to the next grade.

He said the committee had promised that notification regarding their raises would be made at the time of the announcement but that had not been done.

He said they had demanded that notification be issued for July 1.

YDA Pakistan’s Dr Salman Kazmi said that they welcomed the announcement of the pay package by the Punjab government. He said this was an immediate relief to the doctors’ community by the government. He said that though the package was less than what they had demanded, nevertheless it was an excellent and timely decision by the government in view of the financial constraints.

He said that YDA Punjab despite having over 20 meetings with the government were unable to break the deadlock. While YDA Pakistan had had only one meeting with the committee and the issue had been resolved.

He said the government had formed a committee to bring the doctors out of the national pay scales and they were part of those negotiations.

Health Department officials said that they had constituted a special committee including all stake holders for revising the service structure of doctors and paramedics. The committee, they said, would formulate its recommendation at the earliest.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 11th, 2011.

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Reader Comments (4)

  • Massileaks
    May 11, 2011 - 9:54AM

    Government should black list these doctors FULL STOP!

    These doctors are incompetent and on top of that they have the audacity to ask for pay rise. People are suffering at the hands of these doctors on daily basis. They are cold blooded murderers. I have personally suffered at the hands of these doctors twice and want everyone to come on street against these criminal doctors.

    You doctors deserve to go to jail for the way you treat/kill patients. Had anyone of you worked abroad, you would already be in jail.

    You think you deserve more than the current pay?! Fine go apply abroad and I am sure you will end up cleaning floors of Tesco/walmart. Don’t give me the crap about you guys studying 5 years and getting low pay. That 5 year of low class education you had at a private medical school is utter rubbish and you know it too. You will fail all international medical exams.

    No government should negotiate with these doctors but even if need arise..make all these doctors sit for an international exam before a pay rise. The majority will fail the test and our taxes won’t get wasted.

    I am sure every reader would have suffered at the hands of these doctors so let’s start a campaign against them. Pakistan is turning into a mafia state. Recommend

  • salina
    May 11, 2011 - 3:29PM

    I don’t under what is the pay protection i am working since 8 years, my salary is cut 25,000 to 10,000-00 due to contract to permanent / regularise now, most of my other colauges are facing salary problem, many of them are getting only 2 or 3 thousnads it is wounderful joke by stupid khadim e allah. can he live one month with salary of 2 or 3 thousand.

    God bless us,

    salina nawaz
    staff nurseRecommend

  • framis
    May 11, 2011 - 8:13PM

    Pakistani doctors are one of the most talented health work force in the world for your kind information as most of them are working on important consultant posts after passing international exams like in America ,Canada ,UK, Australia , Dubai and Saudi Arabia. I am sorry to say that you should be ashamed of your remarks about Pakistani Doctors. Pay rise is the issue of system and this system has to be radically restructured.

    What you talking about in UK there is four hours waiting time for emergency patients and weeks for others which you cant imagine in Pakistan. Doctors are social capital of Pakistan serving the humanity.Recommend

  • hrq
    May 11, 2011 - 11:55PM

    doctors after all r still human beings n need salary…
    can u live in da present day pakistan with 20000-25000?
    i hav seen the govt. hospitals…according to wat doctors hav to bear in those hospitals…i preffer that they should get more than 80000 salary..!
    punjab govt can give pakistani cricketers 500000 as gift….bt cant distribute this money to doctors…

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