Asma Jahangir calls for judicial probe into Abbottabad operation

SCBA president says Pakistani govt should not compromise on its sovereignty and national interests.

Express May 09, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Asma Jahangir on Monday demanded a judicial probe into the American operation against Osma bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, terming the operation by US forces as a breach of Pakistan’s sovereignty.

The SCBA president said American interference in Pakistan's internal matters can harm  relations between the two countries. She said the Pakistani government should not compromise on its sovereignty and national interests.

Last Sunday, American special forces killed America’s most wanted terrorist al Qaeda kingpin Osama bin Laden in a late night operation  in the garrison town of Abbottabad.

Pakistan has been facing the far right’s wrath at home and criticism abroad over the circumstances that had led to the killing of Bin Laden. The killing of Bin Laden has put a strain on Pak-US relations.

The attack has drawn criticism from many political leaders and parties claiming that the operation was a breach of Pakistan's sovereignty and accusations that it happened with consent from the Pakistani government and military. Pakistan, however, has maintained that it did not have prior information at any stage about the impending assault.


Shazia George | 10 years ago | Reply Probing the Abbottabad incident is good suggestion by Ms. Asma but why this decision is only for the very high international level issue, why she does not call for inquiry for the every little problems (load shedding of gas and electricity, inflation, poverty, corruption, low wages, extra judicial murders, violation of human rights and attack on minorities etc) in Pakistan, by which the poor citizens are suffering daily and try to call the attention of the high authorities to their problems. They conduct rallies and protests but at time no one is there to pay attention to them. But Abbotabad matter has become more important for Ms. Asma to probe, but I think the probe should be around, why USA forces did unilateral operation again Osama, why didn't USA launch joint operation with PAK forces. Does USA trust PAK? Do high officials of Pak. has strong ties with destructive groups? Are Pak forces doing operation against terrorist element up to the mark? Is there any chance of leakage of information in ISI?
Suneel Malik | 10 years ago | Reply I agree with Asma but on one condition that, the inquiry should not only be restricted to Abbotabad incident, but across the board. We all want inquiry into the incident because USA has violated our sovereignty, what about the inquiry of those (terrorists) who are violating our sovereignty on daily basis, what about the inquiry of those politicians and ISI officials who have soft corners for the terrorist elements causing terror and violence in the society, what about the inquiry who are supporting financially to these terrorist groups. Our rulers are betraying our nation, country and their allies, therefore no one trusts them. This calls for inquiry of all those elements who are insincere with their job and responsibilities. Suneel Malik
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