Gilani may announce parliamentary probe

The proposal, if accepted, will ask opposition to join the panel and help fix responsibility for the operation.

Kamran Yousaf May 09, 2011


In a damage-control exercise, the government is contemplating several measures, including a parliamentary probe into the Abbottabad operation which embarrassed the country’s civilian and military leadership alike.

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani is expected to announce the move during his address to parliament on Monday (today) to brief the nation over the controversy surrounding the death of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, The Express Tribune has learnt. Officials say that the government’s step is aimed at redeeming itself from the scathing criticism over the ignorance by the civilian and military authorities of Bin Laden’s whereabouts and the US midnight raid.

The suggestion, if finalised, will ask opposition members to join the proposed parliamentary panel to determine people who were actually responsible for the failure to track the world’s most recognised face in Abbottabad, a town with a strong military presence. Some officials have suggested that the parliamentary committee on national security should be asked to take up the case, instead of setting up a separate panel. The parliamentary panel formed after the joint resolution of parliament in October 2008 is headed by senior PPP leader Mian Raza Rabbani and has representation from all political parties.

However, a final decision will be taken on Monday morning, the sources added.

The suggestion was part of the several other steps discussed at the meeting of the ‘troika’ – the president, prime minister and the army chief on Saturday.

A government announcement after the meeting said the prime minister will take the nation into confidence over the Abbottabad operation.

No official was available to discuss the possible measures the premier might propose to restore the credibility of the country’s civilian and military leadership. But some government minis­­ters indicated that the government would affix the responsibility of the bin Laden debacle.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani said the government “must conduct thorough investigation into the incident”.

Although the army chief had already ordered an investigation into the lapse, the government wants to take the lead in an effort to dispel the growing impression that the civilian leadership is ineffective in matters of national security.

The move is also aimed at deflecting the increasing pressure on the president and the prime minister to quit over the controversy.

Also on Sunday, a protest rally of about 500 Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) activists launched a biting public criticism against the country’s military over the violation of the country’s sovereignty by the US.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 9th, 2011.


Nadeem Ahmed | 10 years ago | Reply PM should thank Americans, who killed Paksitan's worst enemy. In future, Pakistan and American forces should act together to destroy their common enemy. All other stupid arguments are stregthening terrorists resovle.
Moazzam Salim | 10 years ago | Reply Today the US ambassador has openly threatened Pakistan, a supposedly sovereign country against a new unilateral action like the one US has already undertaken in case Osama's case. I may be a bit naive on these matters but isnt this against all protocols? Any other country and Mr. Munter would have had been thrown out but since this is us and our leaders have this mandatory "American Boot Lickers Gene" in their DNAs hence we will do nothing but to lick the American boots with more enthusiasm while having our Federal tail tightly clenched between our national legs. And to add salt to the wound this proposal about a Paliamentary probe into who assisted Osma in finding a sanctuary in Pakistan is to be launched. One wonders why there is no mention of a probe as to who allowed the attack on our sovereignty? By all means do root out the culprits who have helped Osma but at the same time at least look like a ruller of a nation which is a victim of a unilateral act of war, or is it too much to ask? Most of the newspapers today are carrying a huge ad on the front page titled "Aj ka Sawal" which rather boldly declares solidarity with the Government and tell the people that demanding resignations from the responsible elite is only bad manners. When the Government has this kind of a mindset then how can they be fair in finding the culprits in this case? they are pretty sure that neither the President or the PM from the civilian government and the COAS from the military establishment are the ones who are responsible for the pathetic performances. What good would this so called probe then bring?
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