Pakistani worker kills boss over sexual harassment in Dubai

22-year-old gets seven years jail term following deportation

News Desk March 01, 2018
The 22-year-old gets seven years jail term following deportation. PHOTO: FILE

A Pakistani worker has been sent to jail for seven years in Dubai after he stabbed his boss to death for sexually harassing him.

The 22-year-old convict, who killed his fellow citizen, told the police that the victim sexually abused him for a year. He worked under the victim’s supervision.

The convict got angry and his supervisor’s alleged attempt to sexually harass provoked him to stab him.

However he denied an intended murder charge saying: "He attacked me first and I was defending myself.”

The victim called him around 11pm on the incident day.

The court has ordered a deportation after completion of jail term.

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He told the investigation team: "I was walking near the accommodation in Al Quoz when the victim called me. He wanted me to meet him in the parking lot, expressing his sexual desires towards me. As I turned his invitation down, he said no matter what I did I should still see him in the accommodation. He also insulted and threatened to hurt me.”

The convict also told the prosecutor: "On my way, I could not help being angry and stopped at a supermarket and bought a knife."

The victim allegedly slapped him in the car parking area and before he could do what he had told before, the offender stabbed him several times.

The victim managed to move some steps and then collapsed. The accused apoligised to the victim after he collapsed. He also cried sitting next to the victim.

The article originally appeared on Khaleej Times


Shah Alam | 6 years ago | Reply Pakistanis themselves are destroying whatever little reputation of Pakistan that is left internationally
Usman786 | 6 years ago | Reply May be 1-2 stabs were enough. Y u killed unarmed person who just slapped
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