Pirs and proposals: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Young woman forcibly sent to the Darul Aman in Joharabad after she publicly threatened to kill her lover.

Muhammad Sidhu May 09, 2011


A young woman was forcibly sent to the Darul Aman in Joharabad after she publicly threatened to kill her lover on Saturday.

According to police, Soan Valley Moza Augali resident 21-year-old Shabnam Khan was seen screaming and telling people in the village that she intended to shoot a local pir Amir Sultan alias ‘Sameem Chishti’ after he refused to marry her. “She told me that he had promised he would marry her 11 months ago and was now planning to marry his cousin. She was walking around in a blind rage and said she would set fire to his house,” said Augali resident Rasheed. “She told everyone because she was screaming it at the top of her lungs. That was when we informed the police about the situation,” Rasheed said.

Nowshehra Wadi Sun Assistant Superintendent (ASI) Basharat Shah came to the scene and took Shabnam to the police station. “She was waving a loaded gun and openly threatened to kill him,” he said. Basharat said that Shabnam told him that she had gone to see Chishti a year ago for an amulet. “I wanted an amulet because I was not getting any rishta’s and he promised he would marry me,” Shabnam told the police.

She said that she and Chishti had sexual relations for over 11 months because he had promised to marry her. “I have heard he is planning to marry his cousin and if the police don’t force him into marrying me today I will kill him. Then I will set myself on fire,” she said.

Police officials said that Shabnam had refused to file an application but insisted that they help her get married. “It is not the police’s job to get people married and I called her father to take her home but she refused to go,” Shah said.

Basharat Shah said that they couldn’t keep Shabnam in police lock up because there was no female police official present. “After her father failed to pacify her, we took her to a Darul Aman,” he said. Police had warned the man and he said all the reports were false and nothing has been proven. No crime has been listed.

“He told her that he was marrying someone else and she went on a rampage. Now she refuses to go home and we are keeping an eye on her because we are scared she will try to kill herself,” Darul Aman worker Rabia said. Shabnam told police officials that she would kill Chishti the moment she was released from the Darul Aman. “I will not kill myself until I am sure that he is dead.

He used me for months and tagged me along and he will pay for what he did,” she said. Locals in the village said that Chishti had already married someone else but Shabnam was unaware of the marriage. “He is already married but she is still insisting on him marrying her. She said that she would give him 24 hours to marry her or she would kill him,” Shah said.

Hadi Khurram, Shabnam’s father, said “I cannot get her to calm down and I cannot do anything about Chishti because I don’t even know who he is. My daughter is not mentally stable.”

Police officials presented Shabnam before duty magistrate Imran Raza Naqvi’s court on Saturday.

Naqvi tried to reason with the girl and send her home but after she continued to make threats he sent her to the Darul Amaan and issued instructions that she be closely monitored.

Police have apprised Chishti of the situation but he denied all charges. “I don’t even know her. She came to me for treatment once and I gave her a tavees I never met her after that,” he said.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 9th, 2011.


Hmmm | 11 years ago | Reply @irfan akthar: How is not delivering on a commitment that is allegedly verbal a crime? Why do we always end up taking the populist side? Can we ever be rational? Why do you not give the same weightage to the man's version in this case?
Furqan | 11 years ago | Reply This is the reason everybody needs to have Islamic Knowledge, if this girl did have that knowledge she would've never gone the Non Mahram in the first place. May ALLAH guide us all and save us form his Azaab.Ammen
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