Good parenting: All about my mother

Published: May 9, 2011
Mothers, daughters and sons mark Mothers Day.

Mothers, daughters and sons mark Mothers Day.


On Mothers Day, The Express Tribune spoke to a few mothers, and their children, to share memories and speak about what the day meant to them.

Kishwar Naheed, a poet, has two sons, Muazzam Kamran and Faisal Kamran, both of whom live outside the country. She said bringing up her boys was a wonderful experience. At Basant, she recounted, the boys would resist going to school and I would force them to go. They would, at times, she said, sign their result sheet from school in order to avoid being scolded for poor marks in exams.

Naheed fondly remembered the time when she was the central figure in both her boys’ lives. She said that now when her sons hear about their mother from their friends they are filled with pride.

Bano Qudsia’s son Aseer Ahmad Khan said that mothers like his were a rare breed. She sacrificed her entire life for her home, Khan said. He said that his mother was an intellectual and blessed with fame yet she never took up a job. “I have never seen her purchase even a dress for herself. At the age of 84, she eats her meals after the servants,” he added. Khan said he believes in his mother’s prayers as each time she prays for him her prayers come true.

Mira Hashmi said her mother Salima Hashmi, “is a very balanced women who has a great career but never at the expense of her family.” She said both her mother and grandmother were her role models. “My mother has supported me throughout my life and in my career. When I wanted to go abroad and then wanted to teach after coming back, my mother was right there with me and rooted for my decisions.” The best thing about her mother, she added, was that even though she was protective, she was never over protective. “We were allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.”

Samina Peerzada said that it had been difficult to bring up children along with managing her career. She said she enjoyed every moment of motherhood and gave credit to her husband, Usman Peerzada, for being an amazing father who helped her to be a better mother.

Peerzada has two daughters, Amal and Anum, who are both students. Anum said her mother was her soul mate. “She is a very friendly mother who understands everything. I love the moments when my parents team up and cook together,” she added. Anum said her mother was adventruos and once had taken them on a tour of Europe spontaneously.

Amal added that unlike other women her age, her mother was quite openminded. “She is motivated and energetic. She is quick to pick up things and is very intelligent.”

Published in The Express Tribune, May 9th, 2011.

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