5 palate pleasers from National Ka Pakistan we are aching to try

Check out the delicacies that have us drooling from the 5th season of National Ka Pakistan

December 30, 2017

National’s travelogue series that is in its fifth season right now have made food lovers and cultural enthusiasts scream for joy. The breathtaking views, appetising culinary masterpieces from different parts of Pakistan and Chef Saadat’s recipe treasure trove was bound to cause all this excitement. National and the culinary expert Chef Saadat surprise us every season by upping their food game.

As expected, the fifth season of National Ka Pakistan was a visual fiesta with the gustatory bonanza and the cultural-historical landscape of Pakistan. We were tempted to eat with our eyes. The fifth season was equal parts food and travel with music added to the mix every now and then. Since we are talking about food here, let’s list down a couple (out of the many) desi treats Chef Saadat managed to make us daydream about!

  1. Sajji in Tando Adam

Chef Saadat had us craving Tando Adam ki Sajji which was crispy on the outside and succulent from inside. Fresh mutton chops marinated in an exquisite blend of spices and herbs, chargrilled to perfection on wood, made us crave for the juicy meaty treat. In fact, this is the foremost reason we are on the lookout for cheap ways to travel to Tando Adam.

  1. Patakha Chicken at Taj Hotel in Nathiagali 

The idea of juicy, spicy chicken tikka charred to perfection and served with freshly made tamarind sauce with a hint of garlic sent our taste buds into a frenzy mode. Imagine relishing every bite of this delicacy in a desi dhaaba tucked between the magnificent mountains of Nathiagali. We are sure that like us, even you are daydreaming about it.

  1. Turkish Fusion Pakoray in Haripur 

A one-of-a-kind and somewhat exclusive to Haripur, Turkish Pakoras are pakoras that went abroad for higher studies. The Pakoras are served in a platter with potato wedges and mouthwatering gravy made with green chillies, tomatoes and achaar. Turkish Pakoray symbolises our love for spices on so many levels and thanks to National Ka Pakistan, we are yearning to try them out.

  1. Shashuka

This one was from Chef Saadat’s inexhaustible source of recipes; his mind. Made with eggs, potatoes, and an array of vegetables, the dish is cooked in a tomato purree that has a generous amount of National’s Karahi Masala. Shashuka seems like the desi cousin of Spanish Tortialla and we are all for it. Imagine the warmth of eggs and potatoes in perfect harmony with the zing of National Karahi masala, garnished with green chillies. The dish seemed nothing less than an absolute roller coaster of flavours with every bite, making you believe that indeed, it’s a great time to be alive.


  1. Daal on Lalamusa GT Road

A butter tried desi delicacy for all the foodies who are lovers of makhni. Cooked in pure butter, this piping hot daal is a blend of chick peas and mash ki daal served with tandoori paratha cooked in desi ghee. This wholesome dish doesn’t sound weight friendly, but is definitely an item on our list of guilty pressures.

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