Supermodel Gigi Hadid goes gaga for Priyanka Chopra latest shoot

Women uplifting women - Gigi in admiration of Priyanka

Hajera Sheikh February 20, 2018

KARACHI: On a recent photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar, Priyanka Chopra stunned the world with spectacular pictures. One of the photos shared on Instagram by Priyanka’s manager, Luiz Mattros, got a comment by Gigi Hadid. “So gorg!”, it said. The picture of Priyanka in a spectacular dress evoked the same sentiments in countless people.

It is truly most inspiring to witness women openly supporting and uplifting each other; enough hindrances are already laid on the road to literally anywhere and getting in each other’s way should not be one of them despite our culture's foul habit of trying to pit us against each other.


The Quantico star is currently shooting the third season of the show in New York which is to premiere on April 26, 2018. The storyline of the latest season has been kept safely from the world till date but there is no doubt that the hair-raising, heart-stopping, spine-tingling adventure will continue to captivate us in every way possible.


Celebrities admiring each other openly for the world to see may even mean that the youth that follows them so religiously might learn a thing or two about positive moral uplifting instead of tearing each other down on every step of the way.

So, harness your collective positivity and reach your potentials because in the end united we stand and divided we fall.

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