Ban Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for being Pakistanis, says Bollywood singer

Babul Supriyo said that banning Pakistani artists is Bollywood's national responsibility

Ians February 18, 2018

MUMBAI: Singer-turned-Indian minister Babul Supriyo says Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's voice in a song that features in Bollywood film Welcome To New York, must be removed and dubbed by someone else.

Actor Salman Khan apparently got Arijit Singh's voice replaced in Tiger Zinda Hai, and he is said to have done it again for Welcome To New York.


Supriyo says he is not able to comprehend the need or desire to cross the border for entertainment content at a time when tensions on the India-Pakistan border have escalated.

"If that's true, I would request the makers of the film to remove Rahat's voice and get someone else to dub it! I am also not sure why Atif Aslam got to sing Dil Diya Gallan when for sure our very own Arijit could have done a much better job. The FM stations played the song galore while news channels announced the name of our soldiers martyred by Pakistan-sponsored terrorists," he said.

Supriyo said India has no problems with either Atif or Rahat.

Supriyo said, "Atif as an artist sounds great in Dil Diya Gallan and Rahat is a great singer too. But it's important to clarify that our problem is not with the artists Atif or Rahat, but with their Pakistani nationality. It's not a political stand but probably the families who have lost their sons, brothers, fathers would feel a lot better should the entire country show solidarity in any manner possible."

Bollywood, says Supriyo, has a national responsibility.

"Bollywood is an integral part of that Indianism. It represents India worldwide, hence banning Pakistani artists in Indian films would have also taken the protest against organised terrorism by the rogue nation, worldwide. And, I very clearly recall that such a promise was made when Ae Dil Hai Mushkil had met protests due to Fawad Khan," he added.

Supriyo further stated, "It's pertinent to note that one cannot recall a single Pakistani artist made famous by Bollywood, condemn terror acts by Pakistan. Enough is enough now, ban them for their only crime, that is being a Pakistani. Let we Indians wear our hearts on our sleeves and let our hearts beat in salutation of the sacrifice of our brave hearts."

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Anwar Hyatt | 6 years ago | Reply I love how Indians are so insecure about themselves. If you don't like Pakistanis, then don't invite them to your country. For those who are unaware, it's Indian media marketers and film directors who are the ones begging for Pakistani artists...they essentially ask the artists if they're willing to come to India, then agree to meet them in Dubai to sign a contract for the tour or film. With that contract, these marketers and directors are able to get an Indian visit visa for Pakistani artists. So the solution is very simple. Don't want Pakistanis in your country, tell your Indian directors and Indian media marketers to stop begging for them. Problem solved. :D
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