Hamza Ali Abbasi's stance on 'PadMan' stirs social media debate

Previously, Sanam Saeed and Armeena Khan voiced their opinions against the ban on the Akshay starrer

Entertainment Desk February 14, 2018

Just a few days ago, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar’s latest venture PadMan – a film propagating awareness of menstrual hygiene – was reported to have been banned here in Pakistan.

According to members of the censor board, films on “taboo” topics such as menstruation should not be allowed to be viewed in the country. In fact, the Federal Censor Board also denied issuing an NOC to PadMan and has announced it to be banned from cinemas everywhere .

Sanam Saeed, Armeena Khan come together to support 'PadMan'

Sanam Saeed and Armeena Khan recently voiced their opinions on the rumoured ban on the movie. Joining the bandwagon, Hamza Ali Abbasi also lent his support the Akshay starrer.

Taking to Twitter, the Mann Mayal star wrote, "So our Censor Board allowed Padmaavat which portrays Sultan Allaudin Khilji as a nymphomaniac barbarian and banned #Padman which gives much needed awareness about menstrual hygiene! I am known as a wannabe Mullah and even I find it pathetic."

"Grow up Censor Board!" he added.

As expected, his two cents on the matter stirred a social media debate.

Do you think the section of women in need of awareness are cinema goers and can afford tickets to the movie? Women who need an awareness are usually from that class where their only worry is to manage food! First please make sure they have basic amenities of life! By the way quite lame tweet by you!" wrote one user.

Another twitter user discussed the supposed aesthetics of religion. "This awareness can be spread by some other means too. Jab Islam main kuch cheezon ko hidden rakhne ka hukm hai tou wo hidden hi rehni chahiyen, (If a topic is frowned upon on Islam, then it should stay hidden)."

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"The thing is not about portraying Sultan Alauddin. The thing is that our Censor Board bans every movie which spreads awareness that is much needed in our society! Even was banned and now ," said another one.

Calling it a 'woman's private matter', a Twitter user called PadMan cheap. "That's a woman’s personal and private matter. Flaunting these things in public looks extremely cheap and attention seeking. If you want to raise awareness then lady health workers should be appointed to go door to door and provide help and awareness" he wrote.

Will PadMan see the light of the day in Pakistan? Only time will tell.

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