Faryal spends Valentine's Day alone after Amir gushes over model

It seems like the boxer is not done with his antics just yet

Entertainment Desk February 14, 2018

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom have had a whirlwind of a relationship but all the drama was eventually put to rest after the boxer shared an Instagram post confirming the two had worked things out.

However, it seems like Khan is not done with his antics as his pregnant wife Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom recently revealed that she'll be spending Valentine's Day all by herself.


"Btw How corny is Valentine's Day ... Who's going to be sitting at home? Eating chocolates they bought themselves?" the model captioned her selfie.

Whilst in America for his training, Khan has reportedly been trying to convince a model to visit him at his San Francisco training base while Faryal stayed in New York, reported The Mirror.

The pair left for America on January 29 and was due to meet up after a week. However, model Dasha Abdelgany, 27, has since claimed that Khan tried to convince her to fly over and see him before Faryal arrived.


Just days after claiming that he was unfairly targeted by women, Abdelgany said Khan, 31, told her that she was cute, "wanted to hear her voice" and said her lips are "wow."

On February 1 he apparently sent the model a ­message saying: “I’m in SF... here for four weeks. But alone for a week.” He continued, “Will be nice to connect with U.”

Then came the call inviting her to jet out to California to which Abdelgany responded, “I live in New York which is a five-hour flight from San Francisco. He wanted me to fly to see him before his wife arrived."


She added, “He said he was there for four weeks to train for his upcoming comeback fight but was only alone for a week. He said I needed to get there asap."

The model went on to share how the call from Khan had her quite upset, "I ended up blocking his numbers.”

Khan’s flirty messages came after Abdelgany spotted his Instagram post of himself and three-year-old daughter Lamaisah posing by a tree with the caption “Halal Christmas”.


Abdelgany, who is a Muslim like Khan, ­explained, “I never followed him on social media. He’s not that well known here in America and I’m not a boxing fan so I didn’t know much about his life."

She continued, “Some time around Christmas, on my Instagram explore page, I saw him posing next to a Christmas tree saying he was going to have a ‘halal Christmas dinner’. There’s no such thing in our religion. I took a look at his story hoping that the ‘halal Christmas’ comment would be a joke."

She shared that she replied to the boxer's post by advising him to take the tree down as he isn't Christian. “I wasn’t lecturing him about religion and I wasn’t expecting a reply.”


But Khan did respond to her message, saying, “Hahahaha it’s culture.” He then asked Abdelgany where she was from. “He began asking multiple questions about my background, location, age, work.”

She said the former world champion also sent her his number and asked for hers. Messages followed in which Khan called her cute and carried on complimenting her.

“He must have been looking at my picture. I don’t like the idea that people are judged by their looks, if that’s what he’s doing he’s quite shallow," she expressed.

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