Graduates of Ashwood University

Murphy joins televangelist Aamir Liaquat Hussain among alumni of Axact-owned ‘varsity’

Our Correspondent February 07, 2018
Graduates of Ashwood University. PHOTO: FILE

Students sometimes claim that their dog ate their homework. One pet owner, however, can be proud of his good boy, who has his own degree.

A few years back, a man came forward to claim that his dog Murphy received an acceptance letter for admission for a bachelor's degree in Biology from Ashwood University, which is allegedly run by the bogus diploma-mill Axact.

The Axact scandal surfaced in May 2015 when The New York Times published a report that accused the company of selling fake diplomas and degrees online through hundreds of fictitious universities, making millions of dollars annually.

Believe it or not: Dog received MBA from Axact-run diploma mill

Murphy the dog had listed his life experience in biology as working in a medical lab, as he had gone for several veterinary appointments with his owner.

The dog's owner goes on to share the acceptance letter which reads: "Congratulations Murphy! We are pleased to announce that based on your resume and your profile score calculated using the CPAAS profile evaluation system, the evaluation committee at Ashwood University has finally approved you for Bachelor’s Degree."

It also states that Murphy is "among the five per cent of candidates who qualified under the CPAAS profile evaluation system."

After TV ban, televangelist Aamir Liaquat launches news website

CPAAS is globally renowned and patented evaluation system that performs detailed analysis of your resume, online profile, past accomplishments, and professional and educational background through proprietary global libraries and databases, it adds.

Other famous alumni of Ashwood include televangelist Aamir Liaquat Hussain, who admitted to the FIA that he held such a degree after they found his name on Axact’s server.


Mohammad chaudhry | 5 years ago | Reply All kinds of manipulations go on for ulterior objectives in this God foresaken world as there enough of crooks in ruling cadre for their pound of flesh
Sal Salman | 5 years ago | Reply There was no need to mention his name. The picture tells the whole story.
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