Islamophobia turns hilarious on Kellogg's Tweet

A tweet gets churned after voicing his may for 'halal' Kellogg's

News Desk January 31, 2018
Kellogg's products. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

Hilarious response followed an islamophobic tweet against 'halal' Kellogg's cornflakes on Twitter, reports indy100.

Islamophobic voices spread around the world like wildfire, however, there are cases when it all hysterically backfires.

In mid-January Kellogg's tweeted a fairly sweet advert asking people's preferences related to Kellogg’s cornflakes:

But this one Twitter user, under the name Bemused/Amused, took offense and blamed the cereal manufacturer for joining "team halal". The user also put a picture of Kellogg’s Special K Protein box with a halal approved logo with it.

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Many people did understand and reacted with concern, support and sympathy:

Some people reacted with distress but tried to assure Bemused/Amused there was nothing to be scared of:

A good soul thought perhaps 'halal' was being misunderstood as evil and cleared the air:

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But people got the Tweeter's message really well and choose to enlighten further:

Ian Rennie felt the Tweeter's pain and decided they both had suffered enough. Ian Rennie demanded Kellogg's make the product non-halal and inedible for Muslims:

But someone else came up with a demand that was fairer and more more inclusive of Muslims-make Kellogg's inedible to all humans.

A heartbroken but down-to-earth human defended:

A mortal realised in fact there was something wrong with all vegetation at large:

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In July 2017, after a public campaign in Australia, Kellogg’s stopped renewing its halal certification, reported Daily Mail. Kellogg's explained the change saying it was well known their cereals were made from vegetable ingredients and were alcohol free hence did not require the certification.

We cannot verify whether after the Twitter debate, Bemused / Amused finally opened his Kellogg's cornflakes box (with the halal label on it) or whether the Tweeter had any breakfast at all.

This article was originally published on indy100.