Asma murder case: Accused had threatened victim previously, reveals sister

Accused shot Asma Rani dead on Saturday after she reportedly turned down his marriage proposal

News Desk January 31, 2018

According to a statement by the murdered medical student Asma Rani's sister Safia, she had previously been threatened by the main accused, Mujahid Afridi, for turning down his marriage proposal, reported Express News.

Safia, during her statement, said numerous killing incidents take place daily in the country and the government is not taking any action against them.

"After Zainab in Kasur, Asma in Mardan and Naqeebullah in Karachi my sister Asma was killed. In a statement before her death, she identified Mujahid as the killer," said the sister.

Safia further revealed that the accused had previously called her threatening to kill Rani for turning down the marriage proposal.

Female medical student shot dead ‘for rejecting proposal’

Stating Afridi was already a married man, Safia said, "just because we didn't agree to the proposal, why did she have to be killed? It is not necessary that whoever asks for a hand in marriage, we accept it. The police only catches the poor, they don't even touch the rich. I appeal Imran Khan's government and the Pakistani people for their help."

The sister added that they belong to a poor family and were making a lot of effort to allow for Asma's education.

"I work abroad and bear the expenses of my sister's education. She had told me when you return to Pakistan, I will be a doctor. But before she could achieve her dream, she was brutally killed," she stated

"If the killers are not brought to justice, it will be a collective shame for our society. Till now, no one has helped us."

Mujahid and his brother shot Rani dead on Saturday after she reportedly turned down a marriage proposal by the former. Rani, a third-year MBBS student at Ayub Medical College, had named Mujhaid as her killer in a statement before her death.

CJP takes notice of medical student shot in Kohat

Rani was on vacation in her hometown Kohat when the incident happened, Kohat Development Authority police station SHO Gul Janan said. When she and her sister-in-law reached home on Saturday, Mujahid, accompanied by his brother opened fire at her as she got out of the rickshaw and fled the crime scene, the police official said. She was shot thrice and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she died on Sunday, SHO Janan said.

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