CII members complain of their names being included without consent in recent fatwa

More than 1,800 Pakistani religious scholars have issued fatwa, forbidding suicide bombings

News Desk January 17, 2018

Members of Council of Islamic Ideology have complained over inclusion of their names without consent in the recent fatwa published over declaring suicide attacks haram.

More than 1,800 Pakistani religious scholars have issued an Islamic directive, or fatwa, forbidding suicide bombings, a book due to be unveiled by the government.

Fatwa released on countering extremism and terrorism has names of workers of Council of Islamic ideology without their consent, reports suggest.

According to Express News, a session of Council of Islamic ideology was held in Islamabad chaired by Dr Qibla Ayaz. Many workers retaliated over not being taken into confidence over the recently released issued fatwa by state. Workers say that they didn’t get a chance to go through it and neither did they sign it and they questioned why their names are written on it. The workers want prompt investigation over the matter.

1,800 Pakistani religious scholars declare suicide bombings 'haram' in new fatwa

Seeking to curb terrorism that has resulted in tens of thousands of casualties since the early 2000s, the clerics declared suicide bombings to be forbidden, or “haraam”.

“This Fatwa provides a strong base for the stability of a moderate Islamic society,” President Mamnoon Hussain wrote in the book.

“We can seek guidance from this Fatwa for building a national narrative in order to curb extremism in keeping with the golden principles of Islam.”

One of the members of the council said that even if a good deed is done in a wrong manner it will leave a wrong impact later. Zahid Qasmi said that the president of the council summoned everyone over his request thus they should not start a new problem. Chairman council Qibla reassured members of proper investigation over the matter.

Council of Islamic ideology also strongly condemned the Kasur incident. Chairman said that eight-year-old was tortured to death and the inefficiency of police is appalling. This incident is proof that our society is not progressing at all and it a horrible moment for the nation.

Council also said that fatwa and the national narrative is a representation of constitution. It is important to deal with major issues through collective means and by rejecting extremism, only the state has the right to wage jihad.

This is to be noted that recently in the president house International Islamic University conducted a ceremony over collective national narrative book known as ‘Paigham Pakistan’ in which around 1,800 Islamic scholars declared suicide bombings haram.

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