Man, transvestite arrested for attempted marriage

Reuters May 25, 2010

PESHAWAR: Peshawar police arrested an entire wedding party at a private ceremony between a man and a transvestite, who were presented in a Peshawar court house, Tuesday.

Police officials accused the pair of promoting homosexuality in the country. The would-be-bride Raani, whose real name was given as Kashif and the groom Malik Iqbal were presented in court.

Almost 50 people, many of them men dressed as women, were at the ceremony on Monday night when it was raided by police. A bus full of transvestites were later jailed.

This recent development comes just months after the Supreme Court had ordered transvestites to be awarded a separate gender identity in Pakistan.


Lule | 13 years ago | Reply I think the world is against us. We need to mobilize a global movement to tackle homophobia. Its so bad to read this, as a gay man in Uganda am used to the hate speeches and all of the sort but i thought some where else its the opposite.
Sara | 13 years ago | Reply This is so sad. The couple's day of joy spoiled by relgious zealousy. Can people not live and let live? What happened to freedom?
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