Pakistan lost over 50,000 civilians in war on terror

Pakistan lost 6,000 security personnel as compared to 2,357 US soldiers

News Desk January 03, 2018

Pakistan lost over 50,000 civilians in the war against terrorism since 2003, according to government figures.

The Global Terrorism Index, which profiles data on terrorism from across the world, had ranked Pakistan second among the countries most affected by terrorism.

A breakdown of the figures collected by Watson Institute shows that Pakistan lost 6,000 security personnel in the fight against terrorism, as compared to 2,357 US soldiers.

In 2013, 5, 379 Pakistanis were martyred in terrorist attacks followed by 5,496 in 2014; 3,682 in 2015; 1,830 in 2016 and 924 in 2017.

Last month, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Aizaz Chaudhary issued a similar fact sheet detailing Pakistan’s counter-terrorism efforts.

In his first tweet of the year, Trump tweeted that the US ‘foolishly’ gave aid to Pakistan over the course of 15 years but Islamabad remained deceitful by providing safe havens to ‘terrorists’ from Afghanistan.

However, despite the onslaught, the country’s civil and military leadership on Tuesday showed an unprecedented restraint, saying they would not act in haste.

The conflict that began in October 2001 as a hunt for the 9/11 attackers has turned into a vexed effort to keep Afghanistan’s divided and corruption-hindered democracy alive amid a brutal Taliban insurgency.


Assad | 6 years ago | Reply The could care less even if 100,000 Pakistanis die in this war on terror. Why is this government bothering to reveal statistics? Trump is known to be a liar who relies on hyperbole so what difference does it make whether we have 50 or 100,000 dead? Pakistan should consciously walk away from any or all US assistance. I know for the economic policy makers, this is like the earth giving way from underneath, but there are countless countries not receiving any foreign assistance. Perhaps its time to give up on borrowed luxuries for our government and take up sincere austerity. The goddamned kashkol that is shamelessly extended should be broken for good.
rk singh | 6 years ago | Reply And whose mistake is it?
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