The Organic Garden: Paradise regained

Promoting a healthy lifestyle inspired by natural products.

Saadia Qamar April 29, 2011


Birds chirped in the open air, parakeets squawked in a huge cage, as N’eco’s organic food was served to guests lounging in cushioned white chairs watching an organic facial demonstration. It was indeed paradise.

An evening event was held on April 27 at Afshan Farooqi’s residence in Defence, Phase 2 to promote the concept of organic beauty and to showcase how an individual can really lead a natural and pure lifestyle. Titled The Organic Garden, the entire atmosphere promoted a lifestyle inspired by natural products.

“Aside from serious and unknown health conditions, which sometimes include cancer, artificial substances in our lives have just caused hazards throughout,” said Pomme Amina Afzal of the design management company Phenomena, who organised this event. “If we are not able to modify our lives on organic terms, we should at least try to live naturally and take natural substances.”

She gave tips on how to lead a completely natural life and discussed why aromatherapy is therapeutic. The audience held and smelt aromatherapy products in their original form, such as lavender,
frankincense and ylang ylang.

Next Farkhanda Bawany of Caci Center, a beauty clinic which offers traditional treatments for skin problems, aging issues and weight loss, said: “We are offering services via technology for your skin concerns, all on traditional lines.” She believes that massages are the best form of treatment and can lead to better skin care and also relieve stress.

On the same note, Seema Zia, a dermatologist said: “A massage is a great stress reliever and there is a better blood circulation throughout one’s body when the massage is being performed.”

Guests snacked on free N’eco’s organic cottage cheese and open-bread sandwiches or drank cucumber juice while the director of N’eco’s Natural Store and Cafe, Mariam Akbar Ali asked: “Why is it important to eat organic food?  It is better for your health but it is also your duty to go organic for the sake of the planet we live in, for the younger generations and for the next generation to live on this planet.”

Clarins, a pioneer in botanical beauty products, had makeup artist Angie Marshall give a complete makeover to TV personality Hina Bayat.

A wise tip came from a member in the audience — a middle-aged lady with beautiful skin. “For your skin, nothing is better than a mixture of almond oil, rose water and glycerine mixed together and applied at night time,” said Saeeda Salehjee.

Few tips for a natural lifestyle by Pomme Amina Afzal

1. Say no to plastic bags

2. Use alternative medicines, instead of antibiotics

3. Try to avoid bleaching your skin, this causes skin cancer

4. Recycle

5. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

6. Keep water in a flask, not in a plastic bottle

7. Use food-grade plastic containers

8. Use citronella oil for repelling mosquitoes

Published in The Express Tribune, April 30th, 2011.


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