Twitter Alert: Playful taunts for Prince William, Kate Middleton

Local Twitterati took playful jabs at the lavish ceremony as the event played out.

April 29, 2011

The fairytale wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton captured the imagination of the world and Pakistan alike. However, local Twitterati took playful jabs at the lavish ceremony as the event played out.

Commentary on Middleton's dress, comparisons between English weddings and local weddings and complaints about lengthy hymns and ceremonial procedure were abound.

A round-up of just a few Twitter updates below:


I'm sorry but Punjabi weddings are infinitely superior


The 2 worst dressed at the #royalwedding would HAVE to be Fergie's daughters - princesses eugenie & beatrice - god awful hat! flowery dress


Old English ladies should not show their bare legs in short skirts.


This jumay ka khutba has gone on for far too long.


The #Royalwedding is no match for our desi weddings. Our bling alone can outshine their glitz


It is sooooo low key. No wonder the poor couple want it over with from the looks of it


Looking at this one wishes our Mughal architecture was as beautifully preserved, instead of being in shambles. #WestminsterAbbey


All these hymns in Latin are ridiculous. Like someone insisting on singing Laung Gawacha in Sanskrit.


The golden crown given to Sania bhabi by Firdaus Apa was so much better.


No offence to Camilla but I'd have preferred- out of respect- that no one had substituted for mother of the groom at register signing.


Wedding anagram: Prince William and Kate Middleton = Diana killed in Merc, admit new plot (via Rishaad Salamat in Hong Kong).


+1000 RT @sarahnaq: There is no comparison of Diana and Kate seriously

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