Balochistan Assembly: Lawmakers criticise SSGC for uncalled for loadshedding

Published: December 6, 2017


QUETTA: A score of members in the session of the Balochistan Assembly on Tuesday severely criticised the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) for its uncalled for load shedding during the harsh winter days in central and northern parts of Balochistan.

Chairman of the Panel, Agha Liaquat, said that he would summon the SSGC officials to the Assembly session and will ask them to explain the unwarranted load shedding of gas or low pressure during the harsh weather.

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Most members claimed that they had passed similar resolutions earlier but the SSGC and the federal government paid no attention to their appeals.

One of the female members criticised the education minister for keeping schools open till January 1 which were the coldest days of the season, that too in the absence of proper heating system in classrooms.

Another member suggested that the Zhob-Bostan Railway line should be rehabilitated and made functional following the rehabilitation of Sibi-Harnai section.

Provincial Minister Izhar Hussain Khosa complained that the Uch Power project had earned billions of rupees a year as net profit and it still failed to fulfill its corporate responsibilities in the area.

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He claimed that Balochistan faced discrimination as it received the lowest amount of gas supply while Sindh received a higher amount.

“it is an act of discrimination against the people of Balochistan. The company should be forced to spend five per cent of its revenue on local development improving the quality of life of the local residents,” the minister said.

JUI-F MPA Mufti Gulab drew the attention to the extension of the agreement with the Chinese company on Saindak and claimed that it was illegal and unconstitutional as per the 18th Constitutional amendment.

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