Deadly heat wave sweeps across Pakistan

Express May 24, 2010

LAHORE: A severe heat wave is sweeping across parts of the country, with temperatures reaching up to 51 degrees celsius on Monday.

The scorching heat reduced traffic on roads, leaving markets deserted with people preferring to shop in the evening. People traveling on motorbikes and public transport are facing a tough time.


In Lahore, young boys have found a fool-proof way of beating the heat by jumping into the cool waters of the canal. Hundreds of people, frustrated with the heat and loadshedding could be witnessed sitting at the side of the canal, with their feet dipped in water.

Faisalabad saw temperatures rise up to 45 degrees celsius.


Hot weather gripped the city of Hyderabad as the mercury rose to 43 degrees celsius on Monday. The temperature rose to 51 degrees in the upper parts of Sindh including Sukkar and Larkana. People remained indoors during the day.

Schools in Hyderabad are observing summer vacations before time due to the scorching weather as the doctors advised the parents to keep the children indoors to prevent them from sun stroke.

Extreme Loadshedding:

Adding to the misery, people were face with more frequent power cuts as the demand for electricity also increased. Unscheduled power cuts increased along with the long hours of scheduled loadshedding across the country.

Water supply has also been affected due to the lengthy power cuts.

According to the met office, the current heat wave will continue and may increase in June until the monsoon rains begin in July.


alok | 13 years ago | Reply Not using this heat for good and using more and more electric appliances by not making our dwellings solar passive is our greatest misfortune. Economic cost of imported LPG is 60 indian rupee per kg. A four pot box type solar cooker gives LPG at Rs 3.50/kg and energy equal to one liter of SKO in Rs 3.50 only. One four pot box type solar cooker of Rs 1500 saves thirty 14.2 kg lpg during its lifespan of 10 years. Still India and pakistan have not understood the value of free solar thermal energy which in india is about 2500 times of indian energy consumption.Pakistan is blessed much more, I think twice due to less population density. Isn't it the greatest misfortune of these two of the poorest and populous nations of the world?
Mir@@@@@ | 13 years ago | Reply it's sooooo hot in islamabad!!!and the load shading get worse and worse................let's just hope and pray that someday load shading will end in PAKISTAN....!!! but there's one thing for sure that load shading won't end in the next 5 years!!!! P.S:It will get worse in 2012 when Pakistan will have to pay back the money it has took from others countries (IN INTEREST!!!!) PAKISTAN IS FOR SURE DOOMED!!!!!
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