Loadshedding woes continue

May 24, 2010

Pepco authorities said the country is facing a shortfall of 3590 megawatts of electricity.

Urban areas are facing power cuts of four hours a day.

Pepco sources said the total power generation in the country is 12212 megawatts while the demand has surged to 15802 megawatts. 600 megawatts is being supplied to the KESC.

Meanwhile, areas on the outskirts of Lahore are facing power cuts of up to nine hours but Lesco said unannounced loadshedding is not being conducted.

In southern Punjab, power cuts have been increased by two hours. Urban areas now face upto 16 hours while rural areas experience up to 18 hours of loadshedding.

Protests in Multan

Protests have erupted in Multan against unscheduled loadshedding.

More than 1000 protestors gathered at the national highway and blocked traffic. They claimed they are enduring 18 to 20 hours of loadshedding every day.

Most of the people are residents of QadirPur Rawaan. A large number of students also participated in the protest.