WikiLeaks reveals: ‘US classified ISI as terror affiliate’

Published: April 26, 2011
Detainees in orange jumpsuits sit in a holding area under the watchful eyes of military police during in-processing to the temporary detention facility at Camp X-Ray of Naval Base Guantanamo Bay in this January 11, 2002 file photograph. PHOTO: REUTERS

Detainees in orange jumpsuits sit in a holding area under the watchful eyes of military police during in-processing to the temporary detention facility at Camp X-Ray of Naval Base Guantanamo Bay in this January 11, 2002 file photograph. PHOTO: REUTERS


Guantanamo detainees confessed to working with the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the Pakistani military in facilitating al Qaeda and the Taliban, according to leaked US classified documents released by WikiLeaks on Monday.

According to the documents, the US had designated the ISI as one of the 32 “militant forces or organisations” with which al Qaeda or the Taliban had or has “an established working, supportive, or beneficiary relationship for the achievement of common goals”. The Iranian intelligence, Hamas and Jaish-e-Mohammad were also included.

However, when contacted regarding the documents, Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major-General Athar Abbas refused to comment. “Is there a source attached to these documents? Are they authentic? It appears to be an effort at instigation. We will not issue official statements on documents that we do not know the authenticity of. Let the Pentagon comment and then we will see.”

An ISI spokesperson also declined to comment on the documents until they had been properly analysed.

Hundreds of documents regarding the backgrounds and interrogations of Guantanamo Bay detainees by the US were published on Monday, which point to al Qaeda’s role and operations and the intelligence gathered by Pakistan and the US to capture suspects. However, the documents do not mention the harsh interrogation techniques used at Guantanamo under which these ‘confessions’ were extracted. A lot of the information cited in the documents is also said to be third-party intelligence.

The documents come just days after US Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen launched a tirade against the ISI and its links with another al Qaeda/Taliban affiliate, the Haqqani Network – a claim that was vehemently denied by Pakistan.

A summary of the key findings of the new leaked documents released by WikiLeaks is below:

Derailing the Karzai government

According to a document about Afghan detainee Abdul Rehman, mid-level Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Satter attended a meeting with Mullah Mohammad Omar in Quetta. “The meeting included high-level Taliban leaders Mullah Abdul Bari, Mullah Mohammed Nabi, Mullah Akhtar Mohammed Osmani, representatives from the Pakistani government and the ISI. Mullah Omar told the attendees that they should not cooperate with the new infidel government (in Afghanistan) and should keep attacking coalition forces.”

ISI role

Detainee Haroon al Afghani was assessed to have attended a joint operations meeting in 2006 with commanders of the Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), Pakistani military and intelligence officials and the ‘Islamic Party’ (believed to be a reference to the Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin – HIG). It was decided in the meeting that operations in Kapisa, Kunar, Laghman and Nangarhar provinces would be increased – including suicide bombings. Al Afghani is also said to have facilitated travel within the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) in Pakistan and provided intelligence on al Qaeda’s work there. He is also noted “to have provided information on ISI assistance to extremist groups operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan and may have additional information on their associations and activities.”

A Yemeni detainee said he had witnessed a meeting in Kandahar between Osama bin Laden, Pakistani intelligence agents and tribal leaders loyal to bin Laden.

Corruption within the ISI

Afghan detainee Rohullah Wakil was alleged to be an al Qaeda supporter, who provided information on corruption within the ISI and its support to al Qaeda.

“In January 2002, ISI financed the efforts of several factions in Konar province in order to destabilise the Afghanistan Interim Administration (AIA). ISI reportedly called for a meeting, Rohullah along with Malik (Zirin) attended from Afghanistan. In March 2002, the ISI reportedly provided detainee with $12,000 to finance military operations against the AIA in hopes of destabilising the new government and disrupting the Loya Jirga.”

Detainee links with ISI and rogue ISI units

According to the analyst’s notes, Wakil may have “negotiated the exodus of Arabs out of Tora Bora into Pakistan, possibly with the help of the ISI, for a price.”

The document also notes that he had dealings with the UK and the ISI, and while he supported the AIA he was also undermining the transition process.

Australian detainee David Hicks is also reported to have dealings with the ISI.

In one document, an analyst notes that “rogue factions of the ISI have routinely pursued private interests and acted against the stated policy of the government of Pakistan.” Detainee Nasser Gul, assessed to be a high-level HIG commander is reported to have “also worked with rogue elements of the ISI”. An analyst notes that the ISI has strong ties with the LeT “in regard to insertion tactics into Kashmir”.

Military training

A document about Guantanamo Bay detainee Abdul Kakal Hafiz puts up massive allegations against the Pakistan army. “In January 2003, anti-coalition militia groups under the command of Mullah Haji Satar, Mullah Abdul Basir, and Mullah Abdul Hakim trained in the Khadar Tana Toba region, Zabul Province, next to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Three Pakistani military officers provided one month of training for the group in explosives, bomb-making, and assassination techniques. This training was conducted in preparation for a planned spring campaign to assassinate Westerners.” The detainee is implicated in the ambush of the International Committee of the Red Cross’ convoy in which one volunteer was killed.

Training in Kashmir

Yemeni detainee Abd al Malik abd al Wahab is reported to have travelled to Karachi and stayed at the home of Mohammad Iqbal, a friend of his father. Iqbal’s son, Ahmed Mohammad Iqbal, was reportedly a fighter in Kashmir and attempted to recruit Wahab. However, Wahab said he would not fight there but would accept the training. Wahab confessed that he “attended a 15-day military-style training camp in Pakistan sponsored by the Pakistani army.”

“The camp concentrated on aquatics training and did not involve weapons training. The training consisted of swimming above the water while dragging a bag or a small raft, both of which were filled with rocks symbolising personal belongings and weapons. Detainee denied this training was designed to simulate transporting explosives. Students at the camp were also trained on how to operate small rubber boats and were taught how to avoid detection by flipping the boat.”

How the captures worked

A number of detainees appear to have been caught in a raid on December 15, 2001, as fighters crossed over from Tora Bora into Pakistan. These prisoners were referred to as the ‘Dirty 30’ and were jailed in Peshawar. The Pakistani jail warden told them that while being interrogated, they should say that they were in Afghanistan to teach the Quran. Most of the detainees initially used this as their cover.

The detainees were transferred to Kandahar on December 26, 2001. The ISI had listed 48 Yemenis, who were captured while crossing over from Afghanistan.

Lists of hundreds of al Qaeda members were obtained from raids on al Qaeda safe houses in Karachi and Rawalpindi and from hard disk drives linked with Khalid Shaikh Mohammad. An ISI raid at a Karachi safe house on September 11, 2002, netted a document listing 324 Arabic names, aliases and nationalities and the passports of bin Laden’s family members.

Mohammad’s arrest – which his family claims was because a friend turned him in – came from a document seized in a ‘joint raid’ with the ISI. Other detainees were captured in raids and arrests in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Kohat, Bannu and Faisalabad. Karachi is notable in the documents as the landing destination for most of the detainees, who flew in from Dubai. Many of them stayed in hotels in Saddar, notably the Dubai Hotel. Detainees provided information about al Qaeda safe houses and offices in Quetta, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Peshawar, as well as facilities run by the Taliban and Harkatul Jihad al Islami.

According to one document, “in late 2001 and early 2002, a total of 195 detainees in Pakistani custody were interviewed in Peshawar and Kohat by teams composed of US interrogators.”

Plots, Karachi

After Mohammad’s arrest on March 1, 2003, Ammar al Baluchi and Walid Muhammad Salih bin Attash began preparations to continue the Karachi Plot which called for simultaneous attacks on the US consulate and American targets in residential and commercial areas of Karachi. The Karachi Plot was unsuccessful due to the capture of al Baluchi and Attash while attempting to acquire explosives for the operation.

Training of suicide operatives

Tajikistan detainee Umar bin Hamza Abdallahyviv is reported to have moved to the Babu Camp near Peshawar in March 2001. “A foreign government service reported the Taliban and al Qaeda trained male and female suicide operatives at Babu Camp in Pakistan. Operatives were then sent to Afghanistan.”

Other plots that Guanta­namo’s detainees confessed to included the use of anthrax and biological weapons (for which Aafia Siddiqui’s advice had been enlisted), the possibility of obtaining a nuclear weapon, targets in the US and US diplomatic missions abroad and high-profile assassinations, including that of former president Pervez Musharraf.

Key detainees

Seventy-one Pakistanis were sent to Guantanamo, and over 60 have been transferred out. Guantanamo Bay currently houses 172 detainees.

Saifullah Paracha

Nationality: Pakistani

Detained: July 8, 2003 in Thailand

Paracha was assessed as a significant member of al Qaeda’s international network, who provided assistance to its operations and personnel. He met with bin Laden to discuss promoting his message, and offered the use of his equipment and business. Paracha is also closely associated with Khalid Shaikh Mohammad and Ammar al Baluchi among other al Qaeda operatives.

Khalid Shaikh Mohammad

Nationality: Pakistani

Detained: March 1, 2003 in Rawalpindi

Mohammad is believed to be the key plotter of the 9/11 attacks and headed al Qaeda’s media cell. His family members are also implicated, including cousins Abu Musab and Abu Khalid who “handle some of the most sensitive logistic and administrative matters for al Qaeda operatives based in or transiting to Pakistan”. He was reportedly waterboarded 183 times and will face trial by a military commission.

Haroon al Afghani

Nationality: Afghan

Detained: February 4, 2007 in Nangarhar

Haroon al Afghani is believed to be a senior HIG commander responsible for attacks against the US and coalition forces. He provided information on al Qaeda, as well as his role in facilitating the travel of al Qaeda members as well as transferring information and materials within Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Pakistanis held at Guantanamo Bay

According to WikiLeaks, the following Pakistanis were held at Guantanamo Bay. Over 60 have been transferred out. This list does not include Khalid Shaikh Mohammad.


  • Abdul Halim Sadiqi
  • Abdul Mowla
  • Abdul Rahim Ghulam Rabbani
  • Abdul Raziq
  • Abdul Satar Nafeesi
  • Abdul Sattar
  • Abid Raza
  • Ahmed Ghulam Rabbani
  • Ali Ahmed
  • Ali Mohammed
  • Aminulla Amin
  • Ammar alBaluchi
  • Bacha Khan
  • Bashir Ahmad
  • Ejaz Ahmad Khan
  • Faik Iqbal
  • Fazaldad
  • Ghaser Zaban Safollah
  • Hafez Qari Mohamed Saad Iqbal Madni
  • Hafice Leqeat Manzu
  • Hafiz Ihsan Saeed
  • Hamood Ullah Khan
  • Hanif Mohhamed
  • Haseeb Ayub
  • Isa Khan
  • Israr Ul Haq
  • Jamal Muhammad Aldeen
  • Jihan Wali
  • Kay Fiyatullah
  • Khalil Rahman Hafez
  • Majid Khan
  • Majid Mehmood
  • Mohammad Abas
  • Mohammad Ilyas
  • Mohammad Kashef Khan


  • Mohammad Sanghir
  • Mohammed Akbar
  • Mohammed Ansar
  • Mohammed Anwar
  • Mohammed Arshad Raza
  • Mohammed Ashraf
  • Mohammed Ijaz
  • Mohammed Irfan
  • Mohammed Irfan
  • Mohammed Ishaq
  • Mohammed Noman
  • Mohammed Omar
  • Mohammed Rafiq
  • Mohammed Sayed
  • Mohammed Tariq
  • Muhammed Ijaz Khan
  • Munir Bin Naseer
  • Saghir Ahmed
  • Said Saim Ali
  • Saifullah Paracha
  • Sajin Urayman
  • Salah Hudin
  • Salahodin Ayubi
  • Sar Faraz Ahmed
  • Sha Mohammed Alikhel
  • Shabidzada Usman
  • Shed Abdur Rahman
  • Sultan Ahmad
  • Tarik Mohammad
  • Tariq Khan
  • Tila Mohammed Khan
  • Zafar Iqbal
  • Zahid Sultan
  • Zia Ul Shah



Published in The Express Tribune, April 26th, 2011.

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  • Khurram
    Apr 25, 2011 - 6:26PM

    After releasing Davis, Americans trying to pressurize Pakistan Army and ISI through these tactics, Paki Government is already in their hands but Army intervention is more crucial for Government as well as Americans.

    Its Pentagon Leaks not wikileaks !Recommend

  • Pragmatist
    Apr 25, 2011 - 6:29PM

    Dear Pakistani brothers and sisters,
    There are some developments that can lead to serious repercussions for your nation’s future. Please read this article that appeared in the Guardian UK.

    The only ones who can make a course change in policy are the Pakistani citizens. At a time when developing nations are making a move up, Pakistan cannot afford to left behind.Recommend

  • san
    Apr 25, 2011 - 6:54PM

    certainly true…they are not only against USA or CIA but they are the one who are creating chaos in Pakistani…they are responsible for training good and bad jihadi outfits…which are challenging writ of nation…Recommend

  • khan
    Apr 25, 2011 - 7:12PM

    firstly they might not be doing it. And if they are supporting someone they are certainly doing it for some national interest. Wikileaks is nothing but a new tool of US to blackmail others. ISI can be dangerous for others but for pakistan their loyalty cannot be questioned. So let others keep saying whatever they want!!!Recommend

  • Rin
    Apr 25, 2011 - 7:17PM

    The document dates to 2007.Recommend

  • Jameel ur Rasheed
    Apr 25, 2011 - 7:20PM


    well isn’t it more then evident who trained who? Talibans received direct support of the americans during soviet war. BBC and CNN used to praise the holy war of taliban jihadis! America and CIA is responsible for training militants as much as any other person or agency in the world!Recommend

  • Babloo
    Apr 25, 2011 - 7:45PM

    There is nothing new here. The question is, having known of ISI activities for last many years, why has USA persisted with its relationship with ISI so far ?Recommend

  • Hedgefunder
    Apr 25, 2011 - 8:16PM

    Well that should tell you, how long they have been at it!!
    It certainly shows they are very seasoned in this sort of conduct for ages!!!Recommend

  • Nadtar
    Apr 25, 2011 - 8:36PM

    And once again the US is working with ISI who it secretly called a terrorist organisation. Recommend

  • maynotmatter
    Apr 25, 2011 - 8:45PM

    @Jameel ur Rasheed – USA created Taliban and Pakistan army nurtured it as it’s strategic asset in Afghanistan. It was Pakistan who provided resources for Taliban including cadres and allowed madarsas to shroom under Zia’s tenure. An organization which should have been dismantled and domesticated after victory over Soviet was allowed to come into power and spread it wings. And now it is an uncontrollable beast. Pakistan army cannot control it or does not have will to control it. Read this article in dawn which will explain army’s role in current situation of Pakistan link textRecommend

  • maynotmatter
    Apr 25, 2011 - 8:45PM
  • Hedgefunder
    Apr 25, 2011 - 8:47PM

    Because the Americans have never really had a very good foreign policy for over past 50 years!! There’s is a real short term view for the admin to get re-elected, hence the flaw!!
    Which Countries like Pakistan love and abuse for their gains and agenda!!!!
    I read the report in guardian and its a real eye opener as to how the US administrations over last decade have really lost the plot in dealing with these people!!! For which sadly more innocent lives have been lost all over the World!!Recommend

  • Raja
    Apr 25, 2011 - 9:03PM

    Americans are being funny.

    We Indians have been saying the same for decades, they wouldn’t listen.Recommend

  • Habib
    Apr 25, 2011 - 9:06PM

    Dont talk about the matter, in which you dont have information. If ISI is a terrorist support organization, then what about American CIA? American CIA is the organization which spread terrorism in Africa and now in GCC countries because through CIA, USA wants to take over the diamonds of Africa and oil of Arab countries, it is now the open secret. ISI is loyal to Pakistan like CIA is loyal to USA. If ISI is that kine, then CIA is far ahead in this line.Recommend

  • Mirza
    Apr 25, 2011 - 9:39PM

    I am glad that you are not blind and do not jump to conclusion like Khurram did. That is the main problem with some Pakistanis. Even before a news comes out or a case is decided, they make the decision and usually “it is the conspiracy against Islam, Pakistan and army”. Ray Davis was one person, for him America cannot plan all these leaks starting in 2007. This is the most silly conclusion that I have heard on this topic. In short, ISI and army can do no harm, the whole world is wrong. They never had anything to do with Taliban.

    Islam was a better religion before Pakistan and would remain even after Pakistan broke in 1971. Pakistan is not serving Islam by any means anyway. Recommend

  • ba ha
    Apr 25, 2011 - 9:54PM

    @Pragmatist: Mr Pragmatist thanks for the warning. I’ll pass it around. But I gotta strong feeling that Pakistanis will still be here long after others around us have merged or downsized. Besides we are used to threats of the IMF and world bank type. No-sweat neighbor.Recommend

  • Mohammad Ali Siddiqui
    Apr 25, 2011 - 10:05PM

    It is unfortunate that US perception could not change despite many of our military personnel lay down their precious live in performing their duties to save Pakistan as well as to US.

    The truth is that US cannot see that ISI should be called as # 1 intelligence agency in the world. This is one of the reasons that Pakistan’s ISI is labeled time and again as “terrorist support entity”.

    It is just because of Pakistan Army and its strong arm ISI that US is fighting war against terror for the last 10 long years in Afghanistan as well as in Pakistan.

    The minute Pakistan Army or ISI will withdraw its support; US cannot move an inch ahead in completing its ambitions neither in Afghanistan, nor in Pakistan.

    Pakistan has been wholeheartedly supporting US in war against terror, but our sincerity has been looked by the US suspiciously.

    What else do US want from us? If US is not satisfied with the cooperation of Pakistan Army and ISI than it is better to leave us alone and find some other strategic partner in the region.

    Many people have question in mind: If ISI is a ‘terrorist support entity’ then why US have not been able to win the war in Afghanistan?Recommend

  • Srinath
    Apr 25, 2011 - 10:48PM

    If so many countries and entities are blaming the ISi, surely the agency must be good!Recommend

  • Goldleaf
    Apr 25, 2011 - 10:51PM

    Haha…Wikileaks also has a dispatch which shows that the CIA thought that the BBC was possibly part of an “Alqaeda propaganda media network”. LOL!!!!!!!Recommend

  • Arif
    Apr 25, 2011 - 11:24PM

    Well… we are not aware of any good that they have done sofar for the country in terms of lifting its image. Ideally they should take orders from the elected govt. until that happens the world will continue to look at them like this.Recommend

  • Shock horror
    Apr 25, 2011 - 11:50PM

    Proves, yet again, if anyone had any doubts, that ISI has been indulging in terrorism for a long period of time, and, now, chickens are coming home to roost. Hardly surprising that there is a lawsuit pending against Shuja Pasha in New York. It is fully understandable that ISI does not wish to comment.Recommend

  • boiling blood
    Apr 26, 2011 - 1:06AM

    these are the real americans…………..double standard people……..*we loath u usa……..we were the biggest dumb to enter your camp who even doesnt aknowledge its friends sacrifices for its baseless proxy war and the countless sacrifices it renders everyday on the front and in the suicide blasts but keeps a suspicious eye on one of its most imp non-NATO ally..this is how u treat your allies?????? *…..have ever any isi agent killed your civilians openly like davis????????you are cunning foxes and hell wuth ya people….literally leave this region back to your peacefully and let other nations live peacefully……Recommend

  • Hedgefunder
    Apr 26, 2011 - 1:18AM

    Hello, Pindi!!! Awaiting response from ISPR!!! Hello! Hello! Hello!! Can you Hear Me, Pindi!!!!
    Lot of People around the World would like to hear your esteemed response to these Allegations!!!!!!!!
    Perhaps another Conspriracy by RAW!!!!Recommend

  • Hedgefunder
    Apr 26, 2011 - 1:50AM

    Do you really blame rest of world, for their view of this semi official organisation, only answerable to Army and god knows what their annual budget is, to get up to so much mischief!!!Recommend

  • Usman
    Apr 26, 2011 - 2:40AM

    Coming from the very same files that said this the US military tortured innocent people systematically…
    I’m sorry, who are the terrorists?Recommend

  • Mare
    Apr 26, 2011 - 2:48AM

    Lol another American saga….. Y they so afraid of ISI… ISI is doing wat any secret service would dear Americans stop this negative propaganda against army or ISI.. They have country’s interest at heart unlike are beloved dead or alive good for nothing politicians placed by by u guys and pls leave this country alone and play ur dirty games some where else!!!!Recommend

  • Indian USA
    Apr 26, 2011 - 3:06AM

    everybody(except Pakistani) knows that..what’s new in it?Recommend

  • TruthNFacts
    Apr 26, 2011 - 3:12AM

    I strongly believe that ISI has not harmed any other country as much as it has done a great damage to Pakistan and Pakistanis, particularly the political wing of ISI. In general, all security agencies are causing severe damage to the sovereignty and stability of Pakistan. The role of armed forces in Dacca fall is an open secret and, unfortunately, similar history is being repeated again by the same forces in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhaw. Due to increased role of these agencies, Pakistan has become a security state. It is time for us to reclaim Pakistan and develop our land as a democratic and progressive country.Recommend

  • bs
    Apr 26, 2011 - 3:24AM

    This is all very old news. Everyone in the world knew that the ISI has created and nurtured many terrorist jihad outfits for the past three decades. The ISI and its masters the army have been above law and have never been answerable to the civilian authorities. Pakistanis will wake up only when the ISI/Army combine totally destroy Pakistan and have it internationally branded as a terrorist nation.Recommend

  • sherkhan
    Apr 26, 2011 - 5:20AM

    Taking orders from the currupt leaders??? Hell no, that will currupt the ISI too. ISI does need to be made indenpendent and its chief should answer only to closed door parliament armed services commetee. Members in the armed servicess commettee should also consist of all elected parties. Recommend

  • Imran
    Apr 26, 2011 - 5:26AM

    An open secret, now with an official stamp. When you think about Hamid Gul, Col. Imam, and the likes, what is the first thing that rings. Terrorists!!Recommend

  • CK
    Apr 26, 2011 - 7:02AM

    One mans terrorist is anothers freedom fighter =)Recommend

  • Pragmatist
    Apr 26, 2011 - 7:09AM

    Having contact is one thing, actively funding and training is quite another. That makes the agency indistinguishable from those outfits. You have no idea how long it will take to repair the image of the nation after the damage this has caused. Finally the rest of the world see the ISI in the same light as what their neighbors have been saying.
    Now Pakistani citizens know who to point their finger at for the plight their nation is in.Recommend

  • Apr 26, 2011 - 7:47AM

    Document dump is nothing new, search Pentagon Papers to refresh memories and see the parallels with the current dump, Wikileaks. Everyone included in the dump is coincidentally on the CIA hit list. You will never see pro-CIA groups included in these lists.

    As for vilifying anyone that becomes obstacle in oligarchs way conveniently becomes a terrorist. In America who adheres to their constitution is also called terrorist. This is a witch hunt and sole purpose of destabilizing the region and put Muslims against Muslims and create civil war in Pakistan.

    Alhamdulilah Muslims need to expose them and be patient, US is already crumbling with its excessive debt which no one is willing to finance.Recommend

    Apr 26, 2011 - 7:53AM

    We should stop criticizing ISI. It must be acting in Pakistan’s best interest. Do U expect CIA to guard Pakistan’s interest??
    This is a huge big game… we are novices. Don’t forget, what sacrifices your army has rendered in this so called “war on terror”.
    Maybe it is time for I.S.I to come out in the open and show Pakistan what the CIA is up to!Recommend

  • Aftab Kenneth Wilson
    Apr 26, 2011 - 8:36AM

    This is a fight between “Husband & Wife”. At this age of plus 55 they must not suspect each other for having illicit relations with people of their choice. Both were common friends of those at whom fingers are being pointed. This means both were, are, and will be sailing in the same boat keeping in view the activities of their naughty kids…..By the way do we have any premier state agency in the world which is not involved in similar activities if not direct at least through second or third tier.Recommend

  • harkol
    Apr 26, 2011 - 8:56AM

    ISI had used terror as official state policy was no secret. In fact many nations have done so in the past.

    What is distressing is ISI and Pak army has not learnt any lessons from past and continue such support. As long as they are hand-in-glove with the terror elements, there is no chance of Pakistan society progressing to become a modern nation.

    It is upto Pakistani civilians to gain control over their army and purge the elements which are in bed with folks who are murdering and maiming people by thousands, within and without pakistan.Recommend

  • satyram
    Apr 26, 2011 - 9:00AM

    Harun Shirzad al-Afghani, a veteran militant who arrived Guantánamo in June 2007, is believed to have attended a meeting in August 2006 at which Pakistani military and intelligence officials joined senior figures in the Taliban, al-Qaida, the Lashkar-e-Taiba group responsible for the 2008 attack in Mumbai and the Hezb-e-Islami group led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.Harun Shirzad al-Afghani was also reported to have told his interrogators that in 2006 an unidentified Pakistani ISI officer paid 1m Pakistani rupees to a militant to transport ammunition to a depot within Afghanistan jointly run by al-Qaida, the Taliban and Hekmatyar’s faction.

    Anyway, finally the truth revealed and our stand comes true that ISI is a STATE and MILITARY run terrorist organisation. Recommend

  • John
    Apr 26, 2011 - 9:00AM

    The extensive network of these Taliban and Al-queda are mind boggling, and ISI finger prints were /are everywhere. 

    After reading the guantanamo reports from The Gaurdian web site one can understand why US is furious over PAK and why PAK army is subservient to US. Several key figures in PAK (who were blacked out) are implicated. 

    Various press reports over the years implicated terrorist network in PAK soil but seeing their connection with ISI from detainees statements is shocking. 

    Not a pretty picture on PAK ISI and it reflects poorly on PAK government as well. 

    Hope PAK people sincerely take notice, and  do not  say that it is all CIA, Mossad, MI6 and RAW conspiracy to discredit PAK army.

    Here are additional information extracted from Guantanamo reports that is not summarized in ET report:

    ISI contacts with London, Mumbai and Bali attacks were also evident in these files. 

    On 9/11 several of key figures were in Karachi, one watching the events in hospital and some where involved in procurement of lab equipments for biological weapons, which other files indicate to be anthrax weapon.  Hard to believe that ISI did not know anything about 9/11.

    Chinese made RPGs, arms and ammunitions (PAK military supply?) frequently crossed from PAK to Afghanistan, often with ISI support and money. 

    PAK ISI abducted an author who was critical of ISI and religious extremism and handed him over to US.

    All most all of the detainees who were found to be not associated with Taliban by US investigators were the victims of corrupt PAK police who exchanged them for US bounty on Taliban. Those included three university of Karachi Tajikistan students, and an Afghani from whom PAK police demanded Rs.1000 as bribe for releasing him and when he could not come up with that money, they transferred him to US for bounty, which ranged from $5000-25000. Recommend

  • WTF
    Apr 26, 2011 - 9:18AM

    @john….talk all you want. When was the last time you took the Americans as credible? By the way, on one hand you say they have a lawsuit against Pasha yet on the other hand, the Americans are directly talking and cooperating with him on the war on terror. Don’t you see the double face? What do you want to prove?Recommend

  • Khalid Masood
    Apr 26, 2011 - 9:25AM

    ISI work for the interest of Pakistan and NOT for the interest of USA……….. It is as simple as it is.Recommend

  • dar
    Apr 26, 2011 - 9:32AM

    No doubt US will continue t see everything through its own myopic glasses…….Recommend

  • Dextor
    Apr 26, 2011 - 9:59AM

    Here comes out the cat from box…..wao what a superb thing….Wiki leaks the documents right when they are needed best for amreka…..isnt itRecommend

  • Sane Voice
    Apr 26, 2011 - 10:00AM

    This fuss gives credence to the rumor that wikileaks works as a by-product of CIA propoganda tool… something which CIA itself wouldn’t be able to do itself.Recommend

  • maynotmatter
    Apr 26, 2011 - 10:18AM

    USA is not in position to implicate Pakistan on this matter. You reap what you sow. USA sowed seeds of terrorism by creating and using Taliban against Russia. Their horrific mistake is now haunting them. Pakistan is using Taliban against USA and world. Everything is fair in love and war :) . USA has not yet win the cold war. The results of the cold war are but just emerging. I wish Charlie Wilson was alive to witness this. Feel sorry for rest of the world has to suffer cause two donkeys were at cold war. Their war mongering just increased and promoted increase in nuclear stockpile. Powerful nations are meant to be more responsible and should have set a right example. If we trace back any unrest in world history after WWII, all will lead up to some great spy agency :). ISI is but just a new star in the block once dominated by CIA and KGB. Enjoy the new steam in the game :)Recommend

  • Saim Baig
    Apr 26, 2011 - 10:31AM

    Wow. Thats some news. Who created and funded Taliban during 80s? And U.S did all that without being an affiliate.Recommend

  • SK
    Apr 26, 2011 - 10:37AM

    American govt and CIA has come up with this novel idea of arm twisting via so called “wikileaks”. Initially they released some useful info just to make wikileaks look authentic and then started actual propaganda via wikileaks against anyone they wanted to pressurize. Now Wikileaks have actually turned into nuisance more than anything else.

    It is Pakistani media which is supposed NOT to even publish this junk material anymoreRecommend

  • Kamran
    Apr 26, 2011 - 10:41AM

    Pakistani institutions look gud to USA as long US interests r served: when there is difference of interests & ISI/Army protect Pakistan interest then we listen some wikileaks, faisal shahzad case etc…..(who knows the truth)..Good PropagandaRecommend

  • @ibmlove
    Apr 26, 2011 - 10:41AM

    Black money comes mainly from India: Assange

  • Apr 26, 2011 - 11:48AM

    Basically its a very complex game of intelligence agencies which is very difficult to understand for normal people. So no matter what? ISI rocks and Pakistan Military is the best. Recommend

  • Hiran
    Apr 26, 2011 - 12:36PM

    ISI is doing what a normal intellignece agency would do, protect the interests of the country it serves, especially when it is faced with declared enemies (israel and india) and un-declared enemies like usa and european countries. Considering our size as a country and considering the weak economy and considering the overwhelming level of enemity coming out from the superpowers of the world, ISI has to be the best for us to survive and this is just what they are doing, i dont wish to go into specific as to how they do it, as regards indians – you are simply jealous that you have a sub-standard intelligence agency with two liner manuals, 1- blame Pakistan and ISI for even a dog killed on your roads, 2- keep your intelligence apparatus busyin finding propoganda rather than doing hard core intelligence work which could save your nations interests. if Pakistan would do what usa wants (operation in waziristan), you will hear a comments from mullen next morning that “we appreciate Pakistan’s efforts”, this is as simple.Recommend

  • Shez
    Apr 26, 2011 - 12:46PM

    Americans are playing a dirty game. Wonder what the ISI is doing? The accusation is horrible, to say the least. Given CIA’s “brilliant” record, who are they to point fingers? About time that Americans should be replied in kind. Afghanistan can become a death trap for them very easily. Only if Pakistani military shows some spine and punish the dogs.Recommend

  • Qadeer Ahmed
    Apr 26, 2011 - 1:07PM

    Part of Big gameRecommend

  • Salman
    Apr 26, 2011 - 1:11PM

    Its just a mind game! now the tide is shifting towards Pakistan as USA is going to be defeated and they know that. So they are doing the same things as Britishers, French were in the colonialism. USA main target is to dismantle the harmony between Islamic Countries, About 2 decades ago we use to hear so much about the Islamic Countries blocks and use Petroleum as weapon… USA is capturing those resources as they wage war against countries having them…Japan was US enemy in the WWII and now they are lame didn’t even defend themselves properly are now US friend.. All the things they have fabricated are bag of lies. has Any one remembers Weapons of Mass Destruction, Alqaeda is in Iraq, (as they thinks Alqaeda is like Barney jumping around Muslim countries and now is in Pakistan), Chemical Weapons. Have they handed oil refineries of Iraq to Iraqi people or to Kuwait. they sucked up all the oil from these countries. Now they are going for the same adventure in Libya. We should be aware what is happening around us not what US is telling us. Recommend

  • Hiran
    Apr 26, 2011 - 1:32PM

    @Pragmatist – i really appreciate your tone and words. we may be different in our perceptions about the ongoing developments but trust me if this were to be the majority tone from your side, i think at least our nations should not have been enemies if not friends at least. I thank you. Recommend

  • Moiz Rafay
    Apr 26, 2011 - 1:35PM

    Umm… what exactly is the implications of this? Are our feelings hurt or something? Its not like this was a secret until wikileaks blew the cover and ratted out ISI to the americans. They already knew this… for years… and they’re still working with us and are considering a formal agreement to share intelligence.

    Seriously, is there some new evidence in that leak that really damns us or confirms someone’s suspicions? Its all just silly little theories with no real proof except the word of tortured prisoners of war that the americans have had and SAT ON for the past decade.

    I also find it a bit disgusting that the americans are holding people for just being suspected of working with the ISI in a notoriously human rights abusive prison camp while they DEMANDED their own CIA agent back after he had two confirmed unprovoked civilian kills in a Pakistani urban residential area. In my opinion, according to the information available to this pakistani people raymond davis should have been tried here and imprisoned for the rest of his life, just like suspected ISI-affiliates in Guantanamo.Recommend

  • hassan
    Apr 26, 2011 - 1:46PM

    *yawwwwwwwwwwns snaps fingers*

    say something new…Recommend

  • Hedgefunder
    Apr 26, 2011 - 1:47PM

    Its bit rich coming from you as if all the people are paying taxes in pakistan!!! Then for sure you would not have needed the multiple bailouts ! So one assumes that all the money in pakistan is Halal!!!!!!!!!
    Go and see if you can find any public records on the annual budget for this semi legal organisation called ISI !! Than question about other peoples source of money!! Start in your home first !!!Recommend

  • Razi
    Apr 26, 2011 - 2:03PM

    If Wikileaks says something about Zaradari and Sharifs, its true. But obviously they can not say a single truth about ISI; kia yeah khula tazad nahi hai :)Recommend

  • Iftikhar-ur-Rehman
    Apr 26, 2011 - 2:47PM

    Till such time ISI was toeing the American line, it was GOOD and suddenly after the Raymond Davis episode ISI is a terrorist organization.FANTASTIC!!!! Pakistan Armed Forces has to be very vigilant now because the AMERICANS are up to something very nasty.Recommend

  • Apr 26, 2011 - 3:07PM

    Its still time to put our home in order. Lets have faith in ourselves and stop trusting others specially non-muslims. Almighty Allah has given this country everything and, only thing we need to deliver is have is will to do for the sake of people of this country. Believe that we don’t need any financial assistance from anyone. Kick out Americans and Europeans from the country and watch things improving. Be honest in your dealings and start to have trust and faith in Almighty Allah.Recommend

  • mind control
    Apr 26, 2011 - 3:49PM


    The document dates to 2007.

    In 2001, Pakistan decided that it was with USA in war on terror. From 2001 it started getting paid as an ally. So 2007 would imply 6 years of deceit.
    There are no documents for 2008,2009,2010 or 2011 showing that these years are any different from 2007.
    As Mullen recently said (in Pakistan), USA still believes that ISI support for Haqanni network is an issue with them.

    In short, the fact that the document is dated 2007 only implies that at least since 2007 USA has believed that ISI is a terror affiliate.
    Please also note, “Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major-General Athar Abbas refused to comment”. See even ISPR does not see any significance in the date of the document.Recommend

  • vasan
    Apr 26, 2011 - 4:43PM

    Patriot: Not trusting non muslims. Does “non muslim” include hindu/christian/parsi/ahmedi pakistanis as well. What a religious bigotRecommend

  • Cosmo
    Apr 26, 2011 - 6:02PM

    @Khalid Masood:
    My queation to you is why’s is Pakistan’s so called “interest” is against the basic ideologies of rest of the humanity ?? If you cannot change ISI atleat try to change your “interest” for more constructive work than spreading myahem and hatred aroudn the world. Recommend

  • Apr 26, 2011 - 7:31PM

    @Khalid Masood:
    So if ISI can support terrorism for Pakistan’s interest, don’t cry when CIA drops bombs on Pakistan for US interest.Recommend

  • Ashraf R
    Apr 26, 2011 - 7:41PM

    OMG, I can’t believe the comments on here. ISI is “protecting” the interests of the country by promoting terrorism? Wow! Wonder what kind of “interest” that is. Recommend

  • maynotmatter
    Apr 26, 2011 - 7:47PM

    @Patriot – Show me single country which thrived on religion ?Recommend

  • Anoop
    Apr 26, 2011 - 8:47PM

    About time and stating the obvious!

    What will happen is this. Pakistan and by extension ISI will get US Aid till 2014 till the Americans pull out of Afghanistan. The day the pull-out is complete, ISI will be branded a Terrorist Organization and sanctions will be imposed on Pakistan.

    4 out of 5 Security Council members and 19 out of 20 G20 Countries will sanction Pakistan, forced by both the US, India, Russia and the UK.

    ISI is treated like an enemy organization already by the US, after 2014, it will be officially designated one.

    India has been crying hoarse saying the same thing for the past 20-25 years. At last!Recommend

  • Anoop
    Apr 26, 2011 - 8:49PM

    And for those idiots who think US is intentionally releasing the classified Information, I would like to tell them- Go read about Wikileaks and why are they so famous for.

    Those documents are dated before 2009 and are classified documents. US will lose more and gain less if these documents are out.Recommend

  • Zahid Qureshi
    Apr 26, 2011 - 9:26PM

    Well Done Pahsa & Kayani,

    you guys took charge when Musharaf had messed up with the interests of Pakistan and you calmly and patiently took things in your hands and gradully tightened the noose around the neck of Americans till they are suffocating….I would give 5 Years extensions to Pasha as it seems now he is bent to bring Imran khan to the top….well done guys just make sure no innocent is killed during your spy games Recommend

  • MS- Mariya
    Apr 27, 2011 - 2:26AM

    Ok so let me repeat:

    The documents says that CIA has innocent people interrogated for years on slimmest pretexts. CIA has arrested and tortured children, elderly and mentally ill in gitmo bay.

    So the same documents says that CIA thinks that ISI is a terrorist organization.

    Excuse me…John the bigot and Indians are jumping like monkeys on what CIA thinks is terrorist!!!! After what the leaked documents have said about american policies and CIA techniques, we should not believe a word they THINK OR SAY.

    And thank god the CIA thinks bad of ISI…I would be concerned if CIA had said that we are best buddies with ISI. That would have proved ISI 100% hand in all the atrocities.

    BTW: a suggestion for indians. Please eat below mixture recommened by your priest. It will help clear your heads.

    ‘first some fruit to eat, followed by a mixture of cow dung and urine mixed with milk and curd, a dip in water from the Ganges, an hour of prayers’ Guardian newspaper

  • MS- Mariya
    Apr 27, 2011 - 2:48AM

    Ok so let me repeat:

    The documents say that CIA has innocent people interrogated for years on slimmest pretexts. CIA has arrested and tortured children, elderly and mentally ill in gitmo bay.

    So the same documents say that CIA thinks that ISI is a terrorist organization.

    Excuse me…Johnand Indians are jumping like monkeys on what CIA thinks is terrorist!!!! After what the leaked documents have said about American policies and CIA techniques, we should not believe a word they THINK OR SAY.

    And thank god the CIA thinks badly of ISI…I would be concerned if CIA had said that we are best buddies with ISI. That would have proved ISI 100% hand in all the atrocities.

    BTW: Guardian newspaper

  • Maulana Diesel
    Apr 27, 2011 - 4:12AM

    Great job ISI….if the US, India and CIA is angry with you then you must be doing something right. It is absolutely mind boggling that a hyper-power like the US with 16 trillion USD worth of GDP and defence spending worth more than 750 billion USD would be blaming a small time intelligence network from a poor country for its failures. Recommend

  • boiling blood
    Apr 27, 2011 - 6:08AM

    sometimes apparent loses are important for long term benifits like in chess pawns have to be saacrifised for bigger goals……Recommend

  • Pragmatist
    Apr 27, 2011 - 7:38AM

    Watch out for cross-border firing to start soon. This is a standard strategy used by the Pakistani establishment whenever it is put under pressure. To divert attention, they will direct their forces to start a low-intensity showdown at the border. They will portray themselves as the “savior” again. This time around, the rest of the world has woken up to their tricks.Recommend

  • Apr 27, 2011 - 11:23AM

    Simply mind blowing……….CIA with its enormous success in identifying and discovering WMD under Saddam “King Size Bed” and watchful eye over 9/11 bombers right under their nose have come up with a new serial……..i am sure after CIA runs out of business “Pretty soon”, they can embark on the program of making reality these tales in 3d animation…I guarentee more audience than “Lord of the Ring” series………
    Is someone telling me that US itself is today defining morality and ethics it wants spy agencies around the globe to observe???? Where is the devil which killed its own President JFK in 1960’s……where is the devil that was supporting half of the world rebels and guerillas against its ideological foe in Cold War???? and who until now operates so called “contractors” with global immunity for distributing nukes to their own created Jehadis as if its pringle chips????
    Its just that ISI……..which gives nightmares to many has finally stepped on CIA’s tail…..and its hurting them so much that from top till bottom they have gone mad……and this thing will continue…expect more I mean US is best at producing Bin Laden and Zawahiri just before elections in an undated video from Area 51 most probably……
    This onslaught is just to avoid, which they will never succeed…an acceptance that their policy has done everything we have seen on 9/11 and all after that, and this devil is to be stopped by the Americans, not by some one from outside.

    NICE fantasied CIA Recommend

  • ashok sai
    Apr 27, 2011 - 11:51AM

    From an Indian point of view we know that ISI has orchestrated 26/11, so nothing new with this leaks but it will serve to tell the world that what we have said is correct. Its now up to Pakistan civilians to decide about ISI.
    I had always said these let me repeat it again,
    ‘Pakistan is only country in the world which has terrorist wing (ISI) in their army structure’Recommend

  • Ahmer Ali
    Apr 27, 2011 - 11:56AM

    Assalam-o-Allaikum Warahmatullah.First of all we being a Pakistani never trust such these types of negative reports against the Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies because USA,Western countries,Indian leadership and Western medium are always try utmost to defame and demoralize Pakistan,Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies on large scale through out the world by spreading such these types of conspiracies and negative news and supposed if this is true then Wikileaks must has to prove it with solid evidences of ISI’s affiliation with Alqaeda/Taliban leadership.Because why US officials have forgotten it that present terrorists Taliban have been created by USA and misused against the USSR in Afghanistan when USSR invaded in Afghanistan and now when Taliban are against the USA then Taliban are called the terrorists.Wow what a funny,rubbish and ridiculous definition of Taliban by US officials!!!!!!And India our arch rival always welcome the negative reports/conspiracies spread out by International/world media against the Pakistan,Pakistan Army and Intelligence Agencies no matter the reports are wrong or supposed.Recommend

  • Waqas
    Apr 27, 2011 - 2:17PM

    If CIA is so sure about ISI’s role, then how do we place CIA’s cooperation with ISI. Does that mean that CIA is complicit in promoting al qaeda and terrorism??

    The news item clearly says that hundreds of al qaeda members were rounded up by ISI and handed over to CIA? Was it to promote terrorism as well??

    Illogical, and completely baseless propagandaRecommend

  • Waqas
    Apr 27, 2011 - 2:40PM

    @ Ashok

    Typical regressive Indian mindset!!
    Pakistani civilians are completely supportive of their army and ISI; you can keep living in the fool’s paradise you’ve created; what you sow in kashmir you will reap all over India;
    Stop blaming others for your shortcoming and grow up!
    In the mean time tell us who burned samjhota express, was it ISI as well? I guess ISI has also recruited Narindra Modi to slaughter muslims and also ISI was instrumental in mowing down Babri masjid…. and also it was ISI which won u the world cup wasn’t it? Recommend

  • Masood Ganja
    Apr 27, 2011 - 3:16PM

    We have been saying the same for Mukti BAhni, Tamil Tigers and Samjhota expresses’s Terrorists Col. Prohit : All wings of Terrorist Indian State Terrorism Machine. We have yet to resolve HWO killed Karkare.Because thats the Key for the REAL Terrorists of 26/11. Recommend

  • Pragmatist
    Apr 27, 2011 - 5:39PM

    Imran Khan should organize a Long March to free ISI agents in Guantanamo Bay.Recommend

  • saad
    Apr 27, 2011 - 10:57PM

    ISI power. very happy to see indians americans israelis europeans afraid of ISI. We are ruling the worldRecommend

  • Hedgefunder
    Apr 28, 2011 - 12:06AM

    Which World are you Ruling Exactly?? The mountains of Tora Bora???
    Get real You can not even claim to rule your own Sovereign Territory, namely a place called North Waziristan!! First re-conquer that before dreaming of bigger things!!!!! By the way this land is occupied by the very people, who are determined to destroy the very fabric of your society!!!! Get it? I hope so!Recommend

  • maynotmatter
    Apr 28, 2011 - 4:02AM

    @ibmlove – I guess you are replying to wrong blog. What does India having loads of black money to do with ISI branded as terrorist organization ? Indians stashing away black money only shows Indians have lots of money to stash away. Dont quote me , just google up the same Asange articles and check the amount stashed away, it is most likely ten times the economy of Pakistan :). So when India gets back those black money , who benefits ? India!!, who loses ? Swiss banks and likes who thrive on black money!! How does it impact Pakistan ? It doesn’t !! So does it makes sense when Pakistani picks this article and post it hear ? Absolutely not !! But we know there are some Pakistani like you who will quickly google up what sounds like a news which shows India in bad image and lets put that link here and fantasize about humiliating Indian audience. Sorry to say you picked the weakest article in your defense for ISI being branded by USA as terrorist organization. Get a life dude. At least before you put up a defensive posture do some self analysis whether pasting such article is anyway relevant to the ongoing discussion or topic. Recommend

  • maynotmatter
    Apr 28, 2011 - 4:21AM

    @Waqas: I completely support you that you stand behind your army and ISI for whatever adventure they take. But then you should understand that exact are the sentiments of people in every nation. You think we sowed Kashmir row and we believe it is you. Whatever truth or lies you are fed by your media, history books or leaders it doesn’t change reality. Same comment goes for India. But let me explain the situation here using an example. There is Mr X and Mr Y. If they are equal in every sense and have equal respect in society and are economically well, then they both can “equally” sustain the results of their misadventures. But if one of them is weak, it should first think of becoming an equal to other to afford any dare do things. In this case Pakistan needs extra effort to make sure it equals India in every aspect. As our ex president once said, “Power respects Power”. And true power comes by assertiveness. Assertiveness comes from confidence. Confidence comes from self awareness. Confidence also reflects self assessment. Quite a lot of Pakistanis do lack these character. It maybe because of their current standing in world theater or sense of great insecurity vis a vis India. Please underline I didn’t say all Pakistani, cause I know many more then I come across here in blog who are quite peaceful people and whole like many Indians only wish that India and Pakistan should not just be good neighbors but very friendly neighbors. For this to happen both India and Pakistan needs to rein in the extremist and religious intolerant citizens and have courage to punish them for their deeds and not save their skin just for sake of religious sentiments. Only then we can find harmony amongst citizens of India and Pakistan. India is punishing and going after Samjhauta perpetrators. IS Pakistan doing anything about the Mumbai perpetrators ? Recommend

  • @ibmlove
    Apr 28, 2011 - 10:39AM

    That was the right place, heads are not right to understan, I mean to mentioned the corruption and the money collected by wrong means will be again used in wrong hands and purpose, didn’t yet mention 2G sacam, CWG and vote for money. its really good how many people are interested about ISI (isi phobia)

    No time to read your replyRecommend

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