French woman fakes own kidnapping to hide affair

She came up with the sham so she could have a rendezvous with a third man

Entertainment Desk November 10, 2017

French woman Sandy Gaillard has been handed a six-month suspended jail term from the court in the southern town of Mende for faking her own kidnapping so she could spend time with her lover, reported The Journal.

This incident has caused an extensive hunt in search of Gaillard due to which the court has also ordered the 25-year-old to pay a fine of €5,000 and seek psychological help.

The National Front party activist, who is separated from her husband and is currently in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend came up with the sham in order to have a rendezvous with a third man.

The boyfriend notified the police after she sent him a text message saying she had been kidnapped and thrown into the boot of a black car.

The hunt lasted for more than 24 hours and occupied around 50 soldiers backed by a helicopter who searched the whole region until Gaillard re-emerged.

Suspicions arose when the abductor showed no hesitation in letting her go and simply decided to free her. She also remained unnaturally calm and had many inconsistencies in her story.

Gaillard claims her new lover was not involved in the deception.

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Bunny Rabbit | 5 years ago | Reply This is what happens when you are not happy with what you get - you keep searching and falling .... I wish her a speedy recovery .
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