Meera's rendition of 'My Heart Will Go On' will err...make your heart sink

As one Twitter user said, she might be the actual reason for what happened with the Titanic

Entertainment Desk November 06, 2017
PHOTO: YouTube

Miss Meera Jee is back, ladies and gentlemen!

After sparing the limelight for some time, everyone's favourite  superstar has made a rocking entry back into our lives. And this time, she's showcasing one of her hidden *ahem* talents...

Now, we've always known that Meera is a firecracker on screen but did you know she can also sing well enough to give Celina Dion a run for her money?

No? That's alright...just check out the video below and prepare to be surprised (read shocked.)

Meera wishes to claim back her throne with latest photoshoot

The brand new video -  which went viral for obvious reasons - sees the Kasam star try a hand at perhaps one of the most iconic film songs in the history of films and songs combined: My Heart Will Go On from the 1997 superhit Titanic.

Listen to it here:

We cannot help but love how melodiously Meera is reading those lyrics out from her phone, well enough to make you want the song to go on and on and on...

Here's how her fans reacted to the epic video:

Of course, there were haters.

Credit where its due: Meera's confidence behind the microphone is enviable. And some Twitter users did pinpoint some important aspects of our collective obsession with Meera.

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Pekhawar Khan | 3 years ago | Reply I'll listen to it someday, for now I already have palpitations.
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