Raping women who wear ripped jeans is ‘national duty’, says Egyptian laywer

Wahsh added that girls who show parts of their body by wearing such clothes are inviting men to harass them

Entertainment Desk November 03, 2017

Egyptian lawyer Nabih al-Wahsh sparked outrage in Egypt after he said that women who wear ripped jeans deserve to be sexually harassed and raped, reports The Independent.

In a heated argument during a TV show, Wahsh made the remarks regarding how it was 'national duty' of men to harass women who wore ripped jeans.

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The program’s topic was the controversy surrounding the draft law on fighting prostitution and inciting debauchery.

"Are you happy when you see a girl walking down the street with half of her behind showing?" the lawyer said on Al-Assema earlier this month.

He  further added, “I say that when a girl walks about like that, it is a patriotic duty to sexually harass her and a national duty to rape her.”

Wahsh added that girls who show parts of their body by wearing such clothes are inviting men to harass them.

His statements sparked outrage across the country as activists have stepped up to condemn him while others prepared to file a complaint against him.

Meanwhile, Wahsh said that he faced criticism on social media as a result of the interview, adding that he actually demanded stricter punishment for sexual harassment.

“Girls must respect themselves so others respect them. Protecting morals is more important than protecting borders,” Wahsh added

Head of the National Council for Women Doctor Maya Mursi condemned Wahsh’s shameful remarks which are viewed as a “flagrant call” for rape and said they violate the Egyptian constitution which protects women from all forms of violence.

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Mursi also voiced surprise that these statements were made by a lawyer who is tasked with defending rights and freedoms.

She added that the council will file a complaint to the attorney general against Wahsh and Al-Assema, adding that the council had also filed a complaint to the Supreme Council for Media Regulation.

The council also urged media outlets not to host such controversial figures who make remarks that incite violence against women.

Twitter lit up from livid tweets from the users.


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Waleed | 3 years ago | Reply The call for socially harassing women is absolutely flawed and needs to be condemned. But there's another way of looking into this problem. The remarks made by the lawyer raises an important question The question that whether or not every cultural change hitting the long held values of indigenous people should be whole-heartedly welcomed ? People might have splitting opinion on that. But its been observed that whenever there is a cultural invasion of certain country, people feel threatened and some even make ill-logical statements in the heat of the moment to defend it. It never gets hasty acceptance. It has to pass through the phases of evolution to ultimately digested as normal. So as long as western soft power is squeezing its way to every nook of the world , there is hardly anything locals will be able to do lol
Vectra | 3 years ago | Reply @anwar basit: "He must’ve gotten his training in India under a non-align group scholarship." As if Pakistan is a saint,right??
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