Here’s how you can calculate if you have a ‘mathematically beautiful’ face

Scientists say Reese Witherspoon’s face is ’mathematically beautiful’

Entertainment Desk November 03, 2017

Having a heart-shaped face like the Legally Blonde star, Reese Witherspoon, classifies as being ‘mathematically beautiful’, reported by Daily Mail.

Scientists at the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia were able to measure the facial proportions. If your cheekbones are as wide as your eyebrows, your face is most desirable said researchers who came up with this conclusion after inspecting facial measurements from photos of 55 beautiful female models.


Dr Allan Wulc, the senior author of the study, selected these photos by typing in ‘beautiful young woman not smiling.’

The study also revealed that the distance between the eyes to be exactly 59.2mm, whereas the vertical distance between your eyes and your cheekbones should be 13.1mm, if you want to be classified as an attractive individual.

These figures add-up to a heart-shaped face which helps surgeons craft perfect looks using facelifts and fillers.

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WIZDOM, a measuring system used by researchers, which stands for ‘Width of the Interzygomatic Distance of the Midface’ led by Dr Gary Linkov, determines the horizontal distance between the most prominent point of each cheek bone.

Nevertheless, this can be maneuvered by the help of ‘highlighter makeup and blush.’ This horizontal distance was then set as basis to calculate the ideal distance to other parts of the face, for the study that was published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal.


Researchers said that, “The notion of "mathematical beauty" implies the existence of ideal facial contours, dimensions, and ratios that, when present, create a harmonious, balanced, and attractive face.

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"A heart-shaped midface is the quintessential symbol of youth and remains the overarching goal of mid facial rejuvenation. However, few objective criteria exist to describe mid facial position, whether in the ideal or aged state.

"We felt that these parameters might be useful to clinicians looking to find means of quantifying ageing changes, as well as postoperative improvements. Interestingly, brow length and WIZDOM measurements were found to be nearly identical, without a statistically significant difference. Therefore, the zygomaxillary points should ideally lie vertically below the tail of the corresponding eyebrow.”

A facial cosmetic surgeon based in Manchester, Dr Gary Ross has also agreed with the findings.

He said, “The face and neck can droop with age, as the skin loses its elasticity and the face appears to lose volume.


This equation essentially points out that enhanced volume in your face can make you look more aesthetically pleasing, scientifically speaking. While we've always known this, it's the first time anyone has sought to put an exact parameter on a "beautiful" mid face.”

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