Countrywide energy shortage as PEPCO increases loadshedding

Pakistan Electric Power Company increases loadshedding in cities to 14 hours while villages face 20 hours per day.

Express April 22, 2011

The energy shortfall in the country is on the rise with the onset of summer as Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) increased loadshedding in cities to 14 hours a day while villages face up to 20 hours of power outages per day.

PEPCO reported that the country was facing a shortage of 5,000 megawatts, which was forcing the authority to lessen the burden on the national grid with power outages.

According to PEPCO officials, electricity production in the country is currently at 9,465 megawatts whereas the demand is 14,475 megawatts a day.

Hydropower projects are producing 2,585 megawatts. Independent power producers (IPPs) are producing 5,333 megawatts while rental power projects are providing 150 megawatts.

PEPCO is also providing 650 megawatts to the Karachi Electricity Supply Company.


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