'Ainak Wala Jin' cast pays tribute to late Bil Batori actor

Nusrat Ara's colleagues had nothing but praise for her

Adnan Lodhi October 18, 2017

LAHORE: A special performance of Ainak Wala Jin was held at Alhamra Hall in Lahore to pay tribute to renowned TV and stage actor Nusrat Ara, famously known as Bil Batori.

The late star's colleagues hosted the event, where they shared stories about the actor with the audience. They went on to announce that a further seminar will be held in her memory soon.


Actors Munna Lahori (Zakoota Jin) and Haseeb Pasha (Hamoom Jadugar) performed in the play with Fateha Khawani. A minute’s silence was also observed in memory of Ara who passed away last week and many families wept during the performances whilst they expressed their sorrow .

Ainak Wala Jinn's Bil Batori found begging on streets

Ara sadly passed away at age 65, a few days ago in Lahore. Her demise came as a shock to fans, especially those who have admired her since her Ainak Wala Jin days back in the 90s.

Pasha had nothing but praise for Ara during his speech. He shared how great of an actor she was. “Ainak Wala Jinn was the most watched play of our era and Ara’s role was very important.” He continued, “She played the role of my sister in that play and to be honest, she was like a sister to me in real life too. Wherever I went, people would ask me about Bil Batori because they truly admired her."


“After the original play ended, we performed it again numerous times at different locations. However, due to Ara’s illness, we had to bring in other artists for the role of Bil Batori. I have to say though, no one was able to perform and do the character justice like her,” Pasha added. “Undoubtedly, her death comes as a big loss, not just for us but for the whole country. She will be remembered forever."

Lahori also had a lot to say about his beloved costar. “The news of her death left me distraught and it really saddens me to know that Bil Batori is no longer with us. The fact that she died in poor conditions just made matters worse.”

Bil Batori of 'Ainak Wala Jinn' passes away

“She worked on stage for years and years in the hope to progress after Ainak Wala Jinn. However, she was unable to make it and I can’t understand why that happens with us artists. I see it as a tragedy that even after years of hard work, Nusrat didn’t make it to the big screen,” Lahori expressed.


She continued, “It’s not just Ara actually; other artists of Ainak Wala Jinn like Karnani also died in poverty. I, too, am facing some of the worst days in my life due to lack of earnings. This play achieved so much fame for our country and its film industry but what about us artists? I request the government to please take positive steps for the welfare of the remaining artists.”

“Artists like Ara are born after centuries and we should give them the respect they deserve when they are among us. There is no point ‘missing them’ after they pass away,” Lahori concluded.

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