What happened to the Airblue investigation?

Government, agencies, CAA, and the airline tight lipped over all information concerning the crash of flight ED 202.

April 21, 2011

The convenor of the Airblue Crash Affectees Organisation (ACAO) revealed on last night’s Express 24/7 show Witness with Quatrina, that the families of the Airblue crash last July had yet to receive information from the concerned government departments or the airline.

The program looked into the failings of the government, its growing insensitivity towards the death of innocents, and its inability to protect people and provide answers regarding the crash.

Shanaz Wazir Ali, a PPP MNA was on video linkup from Islamabad, Professor Rasool Bakhsh Rais and Express host Dr Maria Zulfiqar Khan were in the Lahore studios.

Junaid Hamid said that their organization had been formed by families who had lost relatives and loved ones when Airblue flight ED 202 crashed in the Margala hills of Islamabad on July 28 of last year.

He stressed that the ACAO was a non-political organisation, created out of a need in light of government, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the airline’s apathy in the aftermath of the crash. While demanding for their rights to information about the crash, they had not received any communiqué from none of the organisations concerned in the past eight months.

Having lost his brother in the crash, Hamid said that the government, agencies, CAA, and the airline were keeping mum about investigations into the crash. Such was the silence, he said, even the fate of voluntary compensation announcements by the government were up in the air.

Rafique asked Hamid about reports of a certain lawyer who tried to coerce and intimidate family members of Airblue crash victims as they filed a writ petition in the Peshawar High Court. Hamid was of the view that if proven true it would be unfortunate, however since the matter was subjudice, he could not comment on it.

Prof Rasool Bakhsh Rais suggested that family members of the Airblue crash victims should sue the airline since it was a commercial venture and responsible for the lives of those passengers. He stressed that the authorities involved, especially the airline, must make public the findings of any investigation report on the crash.


Fazal | 11 years ago | Reply According to some news agencies, the investigation of Air Blue flight 202 completed in early March and decieded to Submit it to CAA and other respective departments on March 06. Black box and CVR remains the property of Airline involved in Accident, and company can make this public. As done by some Opraters (See www.aircrashinfo.com under CVRs). any case regarding this loss been filed in court by affectees ? If no, please use judiciery and follow up. Pakistan is unable to bear such losses again....!!!
Saad Durrani | 11 years ago | Reply @Haris Lodhi: I am saddened after hearing your loss and the way this case has been handled. I have suggestion rather than waiting for the CJ to take notice, would it not be good that you and other families join together to file a case in this court against the negligence of the company.
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