Actor Komal Aziz breaks silence against her feudal landlord

Recently, a video on social media went viral where she alleged that her landlord harassed her

Entertainment Desk October 10, 2017

Pakistani actor Komal Aziz recently made headlines when a video on social media went viral where she openly spoke up against her landlord who was harassing her and took her money as he's now on the run.

This, however, is the first time Komal has openly shared as to what exactly happened.

The starlet took to Facebook to share the events that took place that left her helpless.

"Every morning I feel like I am falling into a bottomless pit," started Komal, "I have to shake the horrible feeling and get to work. These days I am simultaneously handling shoots and legal proceedings against the Shahanis. Many of you have asked me what actually happened so here is a write up."

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So, this is her narration of the events.

"Last year in August I posted on an all women's group about apartments in Defence and Clifton areas. My father at that time was very sick and me, my mother and my sister always seemed visibly stressed and broken," she added.

"I had spent the last 5 years in the USA and wasn't aware of the wadera culture prevalent in apartments like Florida homes. I rented an apartment from Jahanzaib Shahani (picture attached) and gave him 600,000 rupees in advance. Upon the agent Naeem ur Rahman's insistence I also paid him way before moving into the apartment," she wrote.

"During this while, my father passed away. We as a family were shattered, broken and hurt beyond repair. Jahanzaib Shahani had finally found his hen that laid a golden egg."

"For the first few months he attempted to extort money from us by asking for the building's maintenance money which is usually directly paid to the building management."

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"Fast forward to July 2017 when our lease expired we were asked to finally vacate the apartment. I had now learnt that this guy was a thug and a thief. He would never return my three month security deposit," she further added.

"After discussions with friends and family I told this guy that I wouldn't move out until he returned me my security deposit first even if it's in the form of a postdated cheque. He then resorted to other measures. First he cut off our electricity and beat up the electrician we called. When we stood our ground, he came with four armed guards to our apartment, who all pointed their rifles at me," she revealed.

"When I tried to make a video of him he attacked me at which point, me and my mother screamed to get help. This is when he ran away and we went to the police (Darakshan Thana) to file an FIR against him which the SHO Ahsen Zulfiqar convinced me to not file. Instead, he called his father (Rafiq Shahani) to the police station for table talk and warned him. His father promised us that nothing of this sort would happen again and we should vacate the apartment in a month and he will be returning us the security deposit," she further wrote.

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Komal then said that the viral video was of the time when the landlords came and assaulted her sister and hr uncle.

"Jahanzaib Shahani and his family have escaped from their house which is located just down the street from Florida homes and run off to Hyderabad," she went on to add.

"He has also deactivated his social media accounts. I am actively pursuing the case. Last I heard, he has been granted bail from Hyderabad. If our police fails me, I will be dragging him as well as the real estate agent Naeem ur Rehman to court," said Komal.

"You must wonder why I am putting my life at such great risk. It is so because some causes are larger than life. I owe it to this society to stand up to wadera culture," she concluded.

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ik | 6 years ago | Reply Waderas are the root of all problems Pakistan faces today
Sonya | 6 years ago | Reply This is so ugly - i had a similar experience in Islamabad F-8/3 where the landlord used force against us.
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