Siri accidentally identifies 'Despacito' as Bulgaria's national anthem

Artificial intelligence algorithms clearly are not sophisticated enough to mimic human intelligence

Tech Desk October 06, 2017
Siri makes another mistake PHOTO: EXPRESS

Artificial Intelligence technology still has a long way to go, as indicated by Siri's latest software confusing the national anthem of Bulgaria with one of the most popular songs of all time, Despacito.

A report by CNET highlighted the issue. Though no one is sure as to what lead Siri to confuse the Puerto Rican summer hit with “Мила Родино”, or “Mila Rodino”.


As reported by The Verge, it has been voice recognition itself which has been Siri's most recurring problem since it was debuted by Apple in 2011.

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It could also be due to the inherent weaknesses in voice recognition technology which has been well documented in the history of personal assistants including Siri as artificial intelligence algorithms are not sophisticated enough to mimic human intelligence.

Earlier this year, Google Home, the internet giant’s smart speaker, spread a bizarre conspiracy theory about Barack Obama apparently planning a coup in a similar incident.

Google had to apologise for the error, explaining “search isn’t perfect and it’s hard to get it right all of the time”.

Similarly, Apple rectified Siri's error later and the search result now shows the correct national anthem.

Mila Rodino screenshot

The issue may have been resolved due to Apple's recent switch from Microsoft's Bing to Google as it's go to search engine, though there are no clear answers.

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To compensate for such errors, Apple plans to introduce other features such as the SiriKit which will implement machine learning to processes such as photo search.

This article originally appeared on CNET.


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