Saudi female students allowed to carry mobile phones on campuses

Published: October 3, 2017


Days after Saudi Arabia allowed women to drive, the kingdom has in a landmark move also allowed female students to enter university and college campuses with their mobile phones.

Education Minister Ahmad Al Eisa has also told heads of universities and colleges not to prevent the students from using them inside the facilities, Gulf News quoted the Saudi media as saying.

The decision was announced after several parents complained about their daughters being searched and told to hand over their mobile phones — and about the delays for courses caused by the “unnecessary procedures,” Saudi media reported.

After women allowed to drive, cinemas ‘returning’ to Saudi Arabia

The ministry, in its statement, added that the students at the university level have reached a high level of awareness and consciousness that allows them to rise up to their responsibilities and lead their lives normally.

“Some of the students have family conditions that require them to remain connected most of the time,” the statement said.

Saudi Arabia, through a royal decree, allowed women to drive.

The longstanding driving ban was seen internationally as a symbol of repression of women in the Gulf kingdom and its repeal comes after years of resistance from female activists.


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