Human rights violations: Pakistan attempts to counter negative image

Published: September 28, 2017


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan, realising the importance of building a narrative to counter its negative image in the world, has decided to convene an international conference to showcase its improved human rights record and other developments.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Human Rights is looking forward to arrange international moot inviting participants from across the world to present the Pakistani side of the story.

In this regard the ministry held an internal meeting on Wednesday which was attended by officials from the foreign office, ISI, Ministry of Climate Change, Fata secretariat, education department as well as other government departments.

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An official privy to the meeting told The Express Tribune that it was for the first time that an international meeting was being organised by the Ministry of Human Rights.

The official said the planning of the meeting is currently at its initial stages where efforts are being made to invite key international leaders related to the topic.

“The main objective of this international moot is to collectively reflect and share current challenges to international community,” said the official.

Sharing further details of the meeting the official said that both local and international media has played a key role in defaming Pakistan through sensationalising incidents of human rights violations.

“Through this meeting, Pakistan will get a chance to unveil some hidden facts and truth behind all those incidents of human rights violations that has brought shame and sheer embarrassment for the country,” he said.

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He said that to add more diversity in the agenda of the meeting the ministry is also planning to involve other stakeholders while formulating the framework of the meeting.

Earlier during the meeting, Secretary Ministry of Human Rights Rabiya Javeria Agha said that the agenda of the meeting was “Owing Human Rights in Peace and Conflict; lessons and challenges”.

She said that the Ministry of Human Rights wants to put forward a strong message with regards to legislation and implementation.

“We have done a lot for refugees, paved way forward in our national interest and internationally, we have given strong message regarding protection of women as well”.

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