Daily Grind: Mahwish Aziz

Fabulous chef and the brains behind Sugaries Bakery, Mahwish Aziz, breaks down her busy schedule for us

November 15, 2017

Fabulous chef and the brains behind Sugaries Bakery, Mahwish Aziz, breaks down her busy schedule for us


Dead to the world.


The dreams continue and my first alarm goes off.


Wake up and call the bakery hoping all my staff is in and no one’s sick! Haha.


Have my cup of coffee and watch my Indian TV show without which I refuse to work haha.


This is probably the best time of the day for me. I enter work hoping it’s a smooth day and everything’s under control but... that’s just a thought really!


Rounds of the kitchen begin, where I check each and every item, yup I do that! Sometimes possibly have a cup of kadak chai with the staff and take daily updates. Bake the goodies required and then return to my own kitchen.


This is my peace time. I prep for a private or group classes and it’s really just me and my studio and usually me humming random sounds in my head..yup it’s weird.


I’m still in the kitchen (guys baking takes time hahah) and it’s possibly my only time where all my people know that they really shouldn’t disturb me, but I still have that one person who’s calling or coming to my studio and asking questions!


I wind up and go home where my sister’s babies are over and I just have play time with them. Meanwhile, I get calls from customers and potential customers, and at times angry customers because come on, not everything is perfect!


Usually just browsing social media. Pinterest and and Instagram are my faves! For some reason I have more beauty bloggers on my Instagram than chefs which is funny, but I just sit and admire these women who do this. Being in the kitchen I’m usually smelling like butter at this point.


I go for a quick workout, usually to burn off the thousands of calories my body intakes every day, but it’s really just me time also so it’s nice.


Shower and get back to the shop. If it’s a really slow day, I can afford to just relax, but that barely ever happens.


I’m back at the bakery and I love dealing with my customers and getting first-hand feedback so this is the time where I deal with them and potentially have some walk-ins to discuss their wedding cakes or dessert tables.


Potentially everyday and I mean every day I plan to go buy clothes or do some retail therapy, but I end up going home and getting in my pj’s, spend some time with the family who are usually complaining about how busy I am haha.


Dinner and then usually just meet up with a friend for tea or coffee or something. Could be a movie or just something to relax and unwind. I love hanging with my sister so it’s usually with her and the kids on some days and others at home.


This is the time..(wait for it!) On a good day I dance to Indian music for a while hahaha.


I literally just chill like a boss until I fall asleep.


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