Snapchat's latest update changes the way you use Bitmoji

Published: September 15, 2017
Snapchat makes Bitmoji go 3D PHOTO: SNAPCHAT

Snapchat makes Bitmoji go 3D PHOTO: SNAPCHAT

Snapchat’s latest update brings changes to the way your Bitmoji looks connects with reality.

Known as the “World Lenses,” the feature lets you overlay your Bitmoji characters onto your surroundings, making the animations more engaging and inherently more realistic.

You can superimpose your Bitmoji avatar onto whatever environment you are looking at through the app’s camera.

Snapchat now allows you to see where your friends are hanging out

Snapchat launched World Lenses back in April but this is the first time the company has made the feature available in 3D.

You can move the Bitmoji animation around on the screen, making it bigger or smaller while interacting with it by walking around and moving your camera’s position.

This is another step showing Snapchat is giving serious thought to augmented reality. Snap has gone a long way to prove it isn’t just a selfies company anymore and has diversified its camera related features.

It also comes a few days after Apple’s big iPhone X reveal, which included new augmented reality technology that could complement Snapchat’s selfie lenses

Some of Apple’s new AR features, like its talking 3D animated emoji, could, however, increase competition for Snap.

Snapchat’s latest update lets you add links, voice filters and backdrops

Snapchat purchased Bitmoji almost 18 months ago for $64 million.

If Snap can keep user base then it could certainly dent Instagram and other competitors from causing a dent to its market. Either way, it’s the consumers that are to benefit from such competition.

The new update will be available globally to iOS and Android users starting Thursday.

This article originally appeared on Mashable.

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