Iran constructing fence on Pakistan border

Published: April 16, 2011
Iran's Defence Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said his country is rapidly constructing a fence on its border with Pakistan.

Iran's Defence Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said his country is rapidly constructing a fence on its border with Pakistan.

TEHRAN: Iran is constructing a long fence along its borders with Pakistan as part of a broader strategy to block entry of drug-traffickers and terrorists into the country, Fars News Agency (FNA) reported.

Iran’s Defence Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said his country is rapidly constructing a fence on its border with Pakistan.

“Barrier and road construction along the border [with Pakistan] is being carried out in impenetrable mountainous terrain [in southeastern Iran] with precision and quality,” said the defence minister.

Strategies include digging canals, building barriers and installing barbed wire to seal borders of Iran.

Iran is on a crossroad of international drug transit route linking Afghanistan to Gulf and European countries.

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Reader Comments (48)

  • Ravi
    Apr 16, 2011 - 4:25PM

    good way to suffocate pakistan …………….Recommend

  • beamlife
    Apr 16, 2011 - 4:27PM

    well done!
    can we do it with same zeal along our afghanistan border??Recommend

  • Nasir
    Apr 16, 2011 - 6:13PM

    Pak must do the same with Afg border as more terrorists are infiltrating in rather than out and US/ NATO has no interest in control border from Afg side but only blaming Pak.Recommend

  • John
    Apr 16, 2011 - 6:16PM

    Oh Pakistan, I long for the day
    When they come down,
    In east and in west
    Link by link for you to rest.

    “Behold! Single in the field,
    Yon, solitary Highland lass.
    Reaping and singing by herself
    Stop here or gently pass?” – Wordsworth

    Get your acts togetherRecommend

  • Grace
    Apr 16, 2011 - 6:36PM

    Can Pakistan not build a similar fence along the border with Afghanistan. Then we won’t have to wrru about the influx of illegals and criminals from Afghanistan and Iran.Recommend

  • Cosmo
    Apr 16, 2011 - 7:14PM

    Guess India should learn and build one near Kashmir and seal the porous border through which hundreds of ISI-employed terrorists are crossing into Indian side.Recommend

  • Cautious
    Apr 16, 2011 - 7:42PM

    The isolation of Pakistan continues – what’s left China? Maybe Pakistan should complain to the French?Recommend

  • khanman
    Apr 16, 2011 - 8:20PM

    Good, one way to stop american paid contractors to penetrate Iran.Recommend

  • Saeed
    Apr 16, 2011 - 8:43PM

    Iran is worried about drugs and terrorists infiltrating from Pakistan into Iran, which is a logical concern. Afghanistan produces over 95% of world’s opium and heroine and most of this amount flows into Pakistan and then into Iran as per United Nations report. Then there is Baluch separatists who want to uprise both in Pakistan and Iran and form a new country named Baluchistan carving out the Pakistani and Iranian Baluchistan. Jundallah and CIA/Black water are other concerns which worry Iranians. 2 years back Iran experienced its suicide bombing and since then there have been some half a dozen of them, so Iran is concerned if this phenomena might cross the border into Iran. And at last but not least, every month Iran is arresting dozens of Afghan and Pakistani citizens who have crossed the border illegally with the intention to travel to Turkey and onwards to Cyprus and EU. Many more get though this illegal channel creating problems.I think this is a rational move for Iran trying to secure its borders with Pakistan. Things are getting messy in the region and countries which are still calm are worried. If IPI gas pipeline is to flow and Pakistani exports to Iran which amount to more than a billion dollar is to be conserved, this border region must remain secure and not allowed to become another Afghan- Pakistan border. Additionally Pakistan wants to use Iran as a transit path towards Turkey and EU for its exports using fast and cheap rail way transportation instead of expensive and slow ships going around Arabian peninsula. All things mean some one has to secure this border. Pakistan does not have the money to do it. Iran has the money and resources. So let Iranians do their job. Pakistan should have done the same thing with Afghanistan and India border along time ago but funding never came. Without secured borders every kind of evil passes through and situation becomes like what is now in Pakistan. We are not living in Europe where all is good and borders dont matter.. We are living between India and Afghanistan. The only two secured borders of Pakistan from Pakistan’s point of view are Iranian and Chinese borders. But both China and Iran do not share that sentiment with us as both have taken action to implement border security. Such is the state of affairs internally in Pakistan.Recommend

  • junaid
    Apr 16, 2011 - 11:08PM

    some waits never end….they see you off to your final 6-foot burning place……Recommend

  • Anoop
    Apr 16, 2011 - 11:50PM

    The Chinese must also be thinking of building another great wall to protect themselves from the Terror central next to it. India has done it, Iran is doing it, Afghanistan would like to do it, Chinese will have no choice but to follow suit.Recommend

  • Khurram
    Apr 17, 2011 - 1:00AM

    Why every one is fencing us out, are we that bad for a neighbour?Recommend

  • wahab
    Apr 17, 2011 - 2:05AM

    there is already a fence in pak india borderRecommend

  • sandy
    Apr 17, 2011 - 3:00AM

    Good move by Iran. Borders from all sides should be closed with the terrorist factory of world. India already have electrified borders with pak. Afghan must also do the same to prevent pak terrorists crossing over. Recommend

  • maynotmatter
    Apr 17, 2011 - 3:10AM

    @Junaid – Wait for few more years Pakistan will be absolutely caged once every nation around it builds similar fences around Pakistan. The whole nation will be like one big prison. Be happy in your 307,374 sq mi burning place :)Recommend

  • Hedgefunder
    Apr 17, 2011 - 3:43AM

    Yes very true and majestic of you ! But also shows how much their brother muslims also trust them! perhaps the indians should also consider the same, and then apart from likes of you, who are too precious, to be lost can be rescued and consider the rest as Zoo! A very Dangerous Zoo too! with Bombs! Recommend

  • mnkhan
    Apr 17, 2011 - 7:27AM

    fences, barriers, walls, stop the flow of fresh blood from the societies, this fence may be
    with the intention of segrating shies from sunnies.Recommend

  • Singh
    Apr 17, 2011 - 8:22AM

    Why every country building fences along with Pakistan border? I think no one want pure from land of pure. Recommend

  • junaid
    Apr 17, 2011 - 11:41AM

    in 1992 we were called CAGED TIGERS and we lifted the worldcup…..trying caging us now..hahahaha…you are living in a room surrounded all sides by wall so are you caged??you can only go in and out from such a a small door compared to the room so are you some victim???
    to one and all..we all know this fence is in the very interest of Pakistan and Iran as well and a real heartache and headache to the paid mercenaries en-route to destabilize the region and to give some buffs something on which they can spill their idiotic thoughts…..
    I SUPPORT FENCING….@saeed’s comment elaborates a little, why…..Recommend

  • amjad
    Apr 17, 2011 - 12:02PM

    i strongly recommend this effort of IRAN.I tell my country men , if we built strong wire fence with AFGHANISTAN , we r going to become a peaceful country . All the evils are being funded and trained by iNDIANS and the big brother to carry out terrorism in PAKISTAN, same was admitted by the ”to be suicidal” in DG KHAN that they were given targets from afghanistan .
    we don’t need smuggled items from afghanistan and iran which are parasite to our economy .
    I ask my RULERS if some money is left after filling their ( swiss) accounts , then plz expend some money on afghan border and just order ARMY to shoot any one crossing the border . Recommend

  • amjad
    Apr 17, 2011 - 12:10PM


    it is not KHILAFAT that any muslim can travel to any muslim area.
    every country is sovereign country and they defend it less PAKIATAN . WHY any one should cross any border without PASSPORT . and if any one has any doubt that it is possible , go and try this in EU , USA .if u become successful just post it .And u r not successful then we and iran both have right not to let any one cross illegally .Recommend

  • Enough said
    Apr 17, 2011 - 4:00PM

    So many ‘small hearted’ Indians making their own assumptions here. Guys please read the defintion of what is a ‘border.’ Technically, any land border is supposed to be sealed irrespective of which countries share one. Iran made a bold step, and this will also benefit Pakistan to an extent. Pakistan should reciprocate by doing the same with Afghan. Recommend

  • Farah Kaleem
    Apr 17, 2011 - 5:24PM

    @Grace: Totally agree with you!!! Recommend

  • Fahad
    Apr 17, 2011 - 7:56PM

    Good job. Jandola group certainly gave u a fright. Very good move by iran. Now we can focus on gwadar port with one less hurdle. We thank u. Oh and this move would surely worry the baloch separatists. ONE NATION ONE PAKISTAN!Recommend

  • Fence
    Apr 17, 2011 - 10:08PM

    There was category A Fence built along line of control in Kashmir, after Karil war. Just click your button. It happened years ago. I find it funny that some Indians were expecting that this would end any protest in Kashmir because it is all caused by Pakistan. People in Indian Kashmir still want independence an are protesting. A free and fair referendum in Kashmir can save a lot of lives and tons of money for development in both countries. Recommend

  • Neeraj, India
    Apr 17, 2011 - 10:35PM

    First establish your writ in the tribal agencies and then talk about fencing Pak-Afghan border.Recommend

  • Chilli
    Apr 18, 2011 - 12:19AM

    A fence also needed by Pakistan on Pak Afghan border strictly monitored to prevent illegal arm traffic.Recommend

  • BS
    Apr 18, 2011 - 5:16AM

    @Neeraj, India…..the writ will be automatically established once the fencing is done. Afghanistan and its civil wars are the root cause of problems for Pakistan in the FATA belt. Block the border, stop all refugees and most importantly, prevent all Pashtun, Arab and Central Asians from coming to Pakistan via Afghanistan – 90% of the problems will be solved. Afghanistan is the ultimate menaceRecommend

  • junaid
    Apr 18, 2011 - 5:43AM


    first establish your own writ in tamilnadu,ut and on other 23 separist nationalities and justify your command on innocent Kashmiris before preaching others…..Recommend

  • Hmmmmm
    Apr 18, 2011 - 7:39AM

    Good way to suffocate Indian agents and stop them from moving into Iran and vice versa…..Recommend

  • Hmmmmm
    Apr 18, 2011 - 7:44AM

    @Hedgefunder: “A very Dangerous Zoo too! with Bombs!”
    Oh…what about a zoo inhabited by Bal Thakaray and haters of untouchable dalits, people who dont give a damn to women rights and force them as satti as well as tormentors of kashmiris and beheaders of Maoists and other separatists…….Recommend

  • no aman ki aasha
    Apr 18, 2011 - 11:21AM

    @juniad…we are aware of our deficiencies and we dont claim we are gods to have large heart…but first instead of commenting on our country( i.e Jammu and Kashmir State politics), please look at ur wounds and first try to heal it…..Recommend

  • Asmat Jamal
    Apr 18, 2011 - 11:43AM

    The fence is being constructed with the help of Pakistan. So all those who write against Pakistan should understand complete picture.Recommend

  • Chennai Super King
    Apr 18, 2011 - 11:57AM

    Tamilnadu…..Ha..ha.good joke buddy.Your knowledge about India is hilarious,but this thing is expected from Pakistani.Dhoni would be wondering whether he is playing from a separate country called Tamilnadu.. Recommend

  • Abdulla
    Apr 18, 2011 - 12:11PM


    Your Geography is tooooooo poooooor., and political analysis even warste then your country. Tamilnadu is one of the mainstream proviance of India, you better know it you devil from evil countryRecommend

  • Rajnikant
    Apr 18, 2011 - 1:13PM

    Dont show your stupidity in open forum.You just need to goggle can know everything about India.Indian Home Minister is from TamilNadu only. Anyway i want to share a top secret with you,India does not control Delhi,come and capture it.Recommend

  • Neeraj, India
    Apr 18, 2011 - 4:24PM

    Your army is not willing to enter into the North Waziristan and you are dreaming of constructing a fence on the border?
    Your comment made me laugh aloud!! Thanks!Recommend

  • Malik
    Apr 18, 2011 - 4:25PM

    What the hell with Indians? Iran is constructing fence at Iran-Pakistan border, why crazy Indians showing their madness against Pakistan. No Aman Ki Ashaa till resolution of Jamu & Kashmir dispute. India already constructed fence on India-Pakistan border, then why they are blaming Pakistan for entrance of terrorist, now better they construct fence along their shores.Recommend

  • ykj
    Apr 18, 2011 - 6:13PM

    Good move Iran, i wish Afganistan do the same thing and make Pakistan a safe place to live by stopping from entering into Pakistan. India did same thing but is stiil suppling terrorist into Pak thru Afghanistan using CIA. Fence on Afgan border would be more helpful. Recommend

  • HumeBastich
    Apr 18, 2011 - 9:58PM

    India HAS built a massive borderfence along Kashmir.
    Not the silly barbed wire fence you see in many countries.
    This is a 4000 km long doubly barbed wire-fully flood lit – with sensors (thanks to Israel) along most of the LoC (aka India Pak Border).

    This got extended to Rajasthan and Punjab. And THEN India took this idea and is fencing off 3000 km of Bangladesh – the same type of fence – double tracked flood lit fencing!!

    Its BECAUSE of the fence that terrorists activities via infiltration from Pakistan has dropped from over 1200 incidents in 2002 to less than 100 today!!Recommend

  • HumeBastich
    Apr 18, 2011 - 10:02PM

    @Fence: It has brought the infiltration from Pakistan to an end my friend.
    Kashmiris are restful because after years of Pakistani based infiltration – their economy was destroyed. But with the Pakistanis in check – the economy is rebounding.

    Once the economy stabilizes and integrates with the rest of the Indian economy – the so-called unemployed youth who are so easily recruited won’t be available.

    Besides – I think India has had enough of the Article 370 nonsense. BJP – when it comes to full power -is pretty much decided on revoking it – meaning Indians from all over the country will start settling into Kashmir – once this uniformity is achieved – any question of referendum will becomes simply a Pakistani national pastime!!Recommend

  • junaid ka baap
    Apr 19, 2011 - 6:40AM

    hahaaa,,, tamil nadu , a seperate country??!!! thats a fresh, funny news,, bt can be expected frm a pakistani,, Recommend

  • Resident of Allama Iqbal Town
    Apr 19, 2011 - 7:34AM

    @Humebastich…..good luck with ‘integrating’ Kashmiris then…whatever time it takes (20,30 or 40 years?) . Because Kashmiris are hell bent on independence and no matter what you offer them. most want to succeed from India. The fact that some want seperation from both India and Pak is seperate issue of course….but the main thing is that are they willing to join India with all the possible integration efforts?….answer is big fat NO. keep dreaming on lolRecommend

  • Saleem Khan
    Apr 19, 2011 - 12:45PM

    As a Pakistani, this is great news of a day for Pakistan. Iran and Afghanistan are the main countries who are effecting Pakistan economy badly. This way at least we will get rid of influx of Iranian products and smuggled fuel from Iran to Pakistan.

    I recommend Afghanistan and NATO to take same step in Afghan borders, but they will not. They have evil intentions to effect Pakistan and if they will build fence then no body will be able to cross border and come inside Pakistan. This will simply vanish excuse of NATA and US forces that terrorists are coming from Pakistan.

    I am happy to read it. Also Pakistan should break accord of not digging wells near Iran territories and start oil rigs in Balochistan. Why we are thinking about others, there is no friendships left in world…only economical and financial gains. Pakistan Government should not stop Friendship friendship with Iran, Afghan and other countries. Should expel 5 million refugees immediately from country and Iranians too. Should hang people who are coming from Indian sides and just play role for the people of Pakistan. We are getting effected financially and emotionally from Afghan border and this game should be stopped now.

    Pakistan should just focus on their own people’s gains and thats it. Same like other self centered nations.Recommend

  • Malik
    Apr 19, 2011 - 2:35PM

    You Indians can not change the fate of Jamu & Kashimir with Hindu Settlers.Recommend

  • junaid
    Apr 20, 2011 - 2:17AM
    in response to everyone i offended…that commment was itself in response to @neeraj..plx read that comment before …..
    and these are only a little that have made their way to encyclopedia ..i can furnish further upon request…

    as far as tamil nadu goes. (check out india)

    we all know what is the relation of tamils with LTTE…… nadu i didnt mean the whole but the elmnts i was pointing either couldnt be aprehended or were sidelined to start another debate….
    and let me clear again my remarks were themslves response to another idiotic stuf!Recommend

  • swapnil patel
    Apr 20, 2011 - 8:42AM

    Reust me malik, we will.. Not by military power but by india’s soft power.

  • idonthatepaki
    Apr 20, 2011 - 9:55PM

    @Malik – So you are completely unaware of current ongoing election in Kashmir. Bravo!. You guys already lost Kashmir, but you can keep fighting and keep dreaming :)Recommend

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