5 times Kate Middleton's style reminded us of Princess Diana

Published: September 1, 2017


Of all the supposed similarities between Kate Middleton and Lady Diana, their sense of style seems to be the most palpable, reports Time.

One major example is when the Duchess of Cambridge chose to wear a dark blue dress to match the sapphire engagement ring which originally belonged to Diana.

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Or consider how Kate, like Lady Diana, opted for a simple and elegant polka dot covering to wear when leaving the hospital after giving birth to Prince George. Perhaps she took a style cue from Diana who wore something very similar after giving birth to Prince William.


The late princess wore a beautiful off-shoulder black velvet gown at a gala in the White House. Kate wore a similar velvet dress to a military gala.


The Dutchess definitely took inspiration from Diana’s pairing of a prominent red coat with a vivid suede black hat. Have a look:


When it came to hitting the slopes, both Kate and Diana went for bright red jackets.


Polka dots again? Both really ladies knew how to give a conservative outfit, a playful twist.


Kate appears to take inspiration from the princess in many ways – channeling her late mother-in-law’s trendy style with her own wardrobe.

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