Trump yet to appoint US ambassador to India, complains US Congressman

Published: August 23, 2017
US Congressman Frank Pallone. PHOTO: Frank Pallone website

US Congressman Frank Pallone. PHOTO: Frank Pallone website

A US Congressman, with close ties to India, has urged US President Trump to immediately appoint an ambassador to India.

In a tweet, Congressman Frank Pallone complained that while the president had claimed India to be an integral part of Afghan policy, the position of an ambassador to the country remained vacant, even seven months after him taking office.

Pallone, co-founder and former chairman of the Congressional Caucus on India, attached copy of the letter he sent to Trump in his tweet which tagged India as the US’s “strongest ally” in South Asia. He emphasised to the president that the relationship between the “two great nations” was of “utmost importance” to him.

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Pallone has frequently called on the US government to strengthen ties with India. Recently, on the occasion of India’s 71st Independence Day, India West quoted the congressman promising that he “will continue to work to strengthen our [US-India] relationship through my work in Congress.”

Pallone’s strong views on promoting US-India ties have often concluded with an even stronger stance against Pakistan. In 2004, he vehemently opposed US designation of Pakistan as a “Major non-NATO ally”.

In 2006, Pallone said “Pakistan cannot be wholly trusted as a legitimate supporter of US goals and interests in South Asia, until it proactively disarms all militias and dismantles the Jihad infrastructure.”

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“They [Pakistan] need to distinguish between simply assisting the US war on terrorism and truly defending the world’s freedom against terrorism,” he had said.

Two years later he declared Pakistan a “failed state” after alleging that US aid to Pakistan would be used against India.

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