Indian couple in UAE get unexpected gift from Pakistanis on August 14

'This random act of kindness really touched us', she said

News Desk August 18, 2017

An Indian couple residing in the UAE was given a pleasant Independence Day gift by Pakistanis, reported Khaleej Times.

Christine and Ajay went to the Karachi Darbar in Dubai for a quick lunch on August 14, “We knew it was the Pakistani Independence Day and so we greeted the waiter and some people eating at the restaurant. We even had a warm conversation with an elderly Pakistani gentleman on the adjacent table," Christine told Khaleej Times.

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The couple then proceeded to order their favourite Pakistani food, and asked the waiter to bring them the dish of the day as well, as it seemed like a popular option. "We ordered our food with a lot of joy as we always do. Ajay even joked that I broke Usain Bolt's 100m record on the haleem.”

"We finished our meal and asked for the bill, but the waiter seemed to be taking his own time. After much delay, he reluctantly came back and said shyly, 'Your bill has been taken care of,'” said Christine. They were told that their bill had been paid by two Pakistani Pathan gentlemen sitting a few tables away from them.

"We couldn't thank them personally as they had long gone. All they told the waiter was that they liked the way we spoke and were simply happy to see us enjoying Pakistani cuisine. This random act of kindness really touched us. Life is complex but it's the simple things that people do that make your day. It also helps you shift your perspective towards hope and positivity," an emotional Christine told us, adding that the incident left her and her husband 'teary eyed'.

The Indian couple believe that their unexpected treat was a result of their “love and expression of fondness for Pakistani food.” “Yes, we are divided as countries but we fought the same struggle for Independence. Today, we learnt that the world becomes a better place when we treat each other with respect and kindness, irrespective of circumstances."

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"On that note, here's wishing my Pakistani friends a happy Independence Day, and special wishes and prayers for the two gentlemen for treating us to a full meal of kindness. May God bless you, wherever you are," said Christine.


Mirza | 4 years ago | Reply It has happened with me, a totally unknown American paid for our dinner just because we had a young daughter (then) they liked! We have no idea about their name or whereabouts. On special occasions it is not uncommon and I have paid for other people's meals. Travelling in Malaysia I started talking to an Englishman he was travelling there as well. At the end of meal I asked him does he mind if I pay for his meal as well? Of course he was happy and I felt really good paying for the meal of our ex-master! Of course these are just a few examples and do not happen everyday. Great story to publish and bring people close.
ToThePoint | 4 years ago | Reply @Sad but true: institutions like the Indian government.
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