Three more whisked away from Jamshoro, Hyderabad

Published: August 13, 2017


HYDERABAD: Showing no letup in alleged incidents of enforced disappearance, three more persons were taken away from Jamshoro and Hyderabad allegedly by law enforcement personnel.

Lecturer Mohammad Siddiq Joyo, general secretary of the Jamshoro chapter of the Sindhi Adabi Sangat, an association working for the welfare of writers and poets in the province, was whisked away from his home. Wali Muhammad Joyo, his brother, informed the media that Siddiq had been detained from their residence in Railway Station Colony.

“Plainclothesmen knocked on our door late at night and when Siddiq went out he was taken away.” Siddiq teaches at the Sehwan degree college and, according to his brother, suffers from hypertension.

In another raid in Jamshoro, a lower staff member of Sindh University, Jabal Junejo, was taken away from his residence in Gharibabad Colony. Ayaz Junejo, Jabal’s brother, claimed that law enforcement agencies detained his brother but the local police have denied the arrest.

Missing persons recovery campaigner ‘goes missing’ from Hyderabad

Meanwhile, a final-year political science student at Sindh University, Faiz Muhammad Shah, was picked up from Hyderabad’s Autobahn Road, a busy commercial and shopping street. Lal Shah, Faiz’s cousin, said the young man was not affiliated any political group or other outfit.

Quoting car driver Akbar Talpur, Lal said four masked men forcefully abducted Faiz. The student’s father, Yar Muhammad Shah, is a landlord based in Khipro, Sanghar district.

SHO of the Hussainabad police station, Shokat Arain said the initial complaint has been registered by the family but the FIR has not been lodged so far.

Over a dozen persons, including well-known human rights activist Punhal Sario, have been whisked away from Hyderabad, Jamshoro and Dadu districts in the span of little over a week. Six missing persons belong to Jamshoro, four to Dadu and two to Hyderabad.

Protest held against missing persons on Super Highway

A sub-editor of a Sindhi daily, an office bearer of a local press club in Jamshoro and the brother of Dadu Press Club President Walidad Chandio are among the missing persons. The press clubs in Dadu and Jamshoro districts have been regularly holding protests to demand the release of these men.

Sario’s wife and a group of civil society activists have filed a petition in Sindh High Court, Karachi, for his recovery.

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