A silver lining amid societal turmoil

Published: July 31, 2017




Pakistan is despondently notorious for not treating its minorities aptly. Transgenders for instance have been denied their rights, and subjected to abuse repeatedly and unapologetically – which is an appalling hallmark associated with the society of any country.

Transgenders: accepted on paper, not in practice

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Where people are slashed and maltreated for their religious orientation – which is definitely not okay – transgenders are treated far worse. We need to understand that this sect of society cannot be subjected to heinous resentment just for the way God created them. Amid this entire ruckus, transgender model Rimal Ali is smiling her sunniest. Rimal has made a name for herself by being part of showbiz and we couldn’t be gladder.

First passport issued with gender-neutral ‘X’ option

With her roots in Lahore, Rimal is the first transgender model of Pakistan to have essayed roles in movies. Her first movie Rehbara was appreciated by the public, especially the transgender community who immensely look up to Rimal. It is pertinent to mention that by witnessing the modelling and acting vocation of Rimal, many transgenders in the country are being inspired to be part of films, theatre and showbiz in general.

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Rimal is currently enthusiastic to be working with superstar Mahira Khan in Saat Din Mohabbat In and confesses that she aspires to become a role model for the transgender community by performing in films and expanding her modelling career. Saat Din Mohabbat In comprises a song that’ll star Rimal alongside Mahira and well-known choreographer Wahab Shah will be in-charge of choreography for the song.

Speaking with Th, Rimal shares her future plans and expectations surrounding her upcoming project. “My sole aim has always been to serve as a role model for my community. When I first started modelling, it was a very foreign medium to me as no transgender had ever entered the field. It was a blessing I got acceptance and an admirable response,” says Rimal.

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Discussing the positive aspects of her involvement in the media, she adds, “I have managed to garner confidence and bravery within my community and as a result, more transgenders are entering the medium. My work has provided them with hope.”

Elucidating on her other projects, she reveals, “Besides filming, I am also heavily engaged in modelling projects and recording music videos – all this while struggling to make it into theatre. She then made a confession, “The purpose and mission to do all this work is to earn fame and the reputation of being a worthy actress so that my fans remember me and I make my nation proud”.

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Two per cent quota in local government suggested for transgenders

Elated that she has a loyal fan following, Rimal states, “I’m getting an overwhelming response on social media networks as thousands of fans are appreciating my efforts and work – that’s the very reason I am committed to only doing quality work. I don’t want to disappoint my fans.”

We wish her all the best in her pursuits. It’s time the transgender community, and every other minority is recognised for their talent and art.


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