Pakistanis indulge in 'Ludo Star' wars

Please don't kill!

Tech Desk July 29, 2017

Pakistani's have had their fair share of games and things they are hooked on to. You can name it, from Fidget Spinners to Pokemon GO, Candy Crush to Sequence Board game.

The latest in line to grab the attention of Pakistanis is - Ludo Star.

Created by Indian game developers Gameberry Labs, the game offers the same thrill the original board game gave.

As one user puts it, it's a 'rich man's' Ludo.

Using the same coloured houses, single dice and similar dynamics as the board game, the game is easy to play and connects well with friends.

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Available on iOS and Android, the game lets you play using your Facebook profile or you could play in guest mode.

Interestingly enough and contrary to the original board game, you can use gems to retry a turn meaning you can have another try at the dice if you don't like the number you got on a turn.

The game is proving to be quite addictive and has become popular especially among Facebook users.

Here is what users have been saying:

Of course, Panama verdict had to feature.

You suddenly feel close to God.

Its auto feature makes the game easy to use as the game goes in auto mode when you aren't rolling the virtual dice. The computer chooses the best option for you and as a result, your turn doesn't go to waste.

However, it seems that some people forget that it’s just a game and are taking way it way too seriously. Some users even resorted to abusing others using its chat feature whenever they are down on luck and start losing.

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But fear not as for those going crazy over the digital version of the age-old game, Ludo'Star offers a strict mechanism to counter any abuse and lets you block users.


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