Japanese actress speaks about husband’s affair in viral YouTube video

Published: July 26, 2017
Kazuyo Matsui. PHOTO: YouTube

Kazuyo Matsui. PHOTO: YouTube

In a country where family affairs are for the most part kept private, Japanese actress Kazuyo Matsui’s recently posted YouTube video, where her husband, actor Eiichiro Funakoshi’s deepest secrets are revealed, comes as a surprise.

Titled “The Truth from Kazuyo Japan,” the video posted on YouTube last Friday shows Matsui, 60, a popular Japanese actress and TV personality, wearing a black T-shirt and no make-up, revealing secret after secret about her husband, including his extramarital affair, his medical condition, and even his “fake hair.”

“My husband and I have been married for 17 years,” Matsui says in the opening of the video. “However, I have found that my husband is having an affair with my best friend who lived in Hawaii,” she continues with a raised voice. “She is married and even has a daughter!”

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Matsui further reveals that Funakoshi has Type-2 diabetes “and also he has fake hair.”

“Therefore I’ve known that he could not have sex. However, I found out that he had been taking a 100-mg Viagra,” she continues, pronouncing each word strongly, accompanied by repetitive insisting gestures. “Using Viagra he had been having sex with my best friend.”

In the video, Matsui also accuses her husband of being “after (her) money” together with his lover, and for attempting to damage her reputation by leaking stories about her in Japanese tabloid magazines with the cooperation of his production agency.

“I have cried for days, and even considered ending my life,” Matsui says in the video, adding that after turning 60 this year, she had decided to “fight against the dark shadows and [her] husband”.

The actress further says that she is fighting against the Japanese media, which she considers distrustful, a reason that led her to take her “battle” to social media sites and appeal to foreign audiences, asking for support.

Matsui and Funakoshi, who got married in 2001 despite strong opposition from Funakoshi’s father, also an actor, had been for a long time considered one of the most ideal married couples in the Japanese show business world.

Their perfect family image, however, was destroyed in late June this year, when Matsui began posting partially senseless articles on her blog, saying that she was being followed and was on the run to protect her privacy.

In early July, she posted an over 10-minute-long video on YouTube in Japanese, revealing Funakoshi’s affair and medical condition, going as far as to show his medical records and medicines, as well as a partially revealing photo of Funakoshi’s presumed lover (Matsui’s best friend).

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The video went viral in the Japanese media, with many expressing their concerns over Matsui’s mental health.

Though Funakoshi had kept a relative distance from the media since the outbreak of the scandal, news that he has filed for a divorce settlement was recently announced by the Japanese media. Following Matsui’s latest video, his agency, HoriPro Inc, revealed on July 21 that they have taken legal measures against Matsui for defamation and business obstruction over the series of web accusations she has posted over the past few weeks against Funakoshi and the agency, Japanese media reported.

“SOS, SOS from Tokyo, Japan,” Matsui ends the video, sparing a moment to add that “Japan is a wonderful country,” that everyone should visit.

Matsui’s acting career was at its peak in the 1980s and early 1990s, during which time she starred in nine movies and 12 dramas. Following her marriage to Funakoshi, she focused on expanding a home cleaning and cooking business, including publishing a number of books on the topics.

Funakoshi is a veteran actor and TV presenter with over 100 movie and drama appearances.

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