GoT season 7 has fans losing their breath and Pakistanis are not far behind

Published: July 17, 2017


Disclaimer: major spoiler alert!

Winter is here and Game of Thrones is back. The season seven premiered Sunday night and the world, just like every year, hasn’t stopped talking about it. The much-anticipated HBO series has one of the largest fan followings in the world and Pakistanis are not excluded from it.

Every season premiere causes a frenzy as the show has the whole world in its hands. The latest season promises many twists and turns, betrayals, murders, and the most anticipated war in the show’s history. Watching Game of Thrones feels like balancing your heart on a spoon in your mouth – you know you’re bound to drop it sooner or later.

‘Game of Thrones’: Winter is finally here

Pakistani fans had their hearts out too, while watching the season premiere.

After the first episode, one local fan, Zargham Shah told The Express Tribune, “The long-awaited season premiere had me super hyped for what is to come next and how it would be depicted. Although, it built suspense just like most season premieres of most TV shows do, I felt it was quite lagging. Ed Sheeran’s cameo was one way to spice things up for them though. It was the highlight of the episode. Looking forward to more.”

Another avid fan of the show, Raza, who is currently pursuing his education in Melbourne, said, “To be honest, the first episode hasn’t got much to it. It only shows that Dany has reached Dragonstone where she was born, and Bran has reached Castle Black which will obviously leads him to unite with Jon and Sansa. Arya was seen taking revenge on the Frays, who helped Roose Bolton in slaughtering her family at the red wedding. That’s basically the gist of the episode.”

‘Game of Thrones’ trailer offers glimpse at new season

A journalist by profession, Rahima too was sounded very excited for the season. Talking about the first episode, she said, “I absolutely love how Arya and Sansa are taking control. Sansa especially because her character development has been great and she blew me away in the first episode. Also on a side-note, Lyanna Mormont continues to be a badass!!”

Harris, a videographer by profession, talked about the hype every season of the loved show creates. “Opening of the Season 7 with execution of Walder Frey’s people was enough to accept the GoT’s hype. But first episode didn’t have too much to cheer about, as it was just to reassure the characters and their stories. Hoping for the coming episodes to be filled with more blood and action since winter is already here.”

Twitterati reacted to the season premiere in the most epic memes and tweets possible.

Let’s take it scene by scene. Shall we?

That mind blowing introduction when Arya eliminate the House Frey. All hail, Arya.


Lady Mormont for the Queen!

Mad Queen makes her way to the throne…

The much awaited Ed Sheeran cameo


Daenerys lands at Dragonstone and everybody loses it!


Meanwhile, those who haven’t watched it, be like…

Happy Game of Thrones month everyone!

Note: Since GoT is not legally available in Pakistan so The Express Tribune will not be reviewing the show.

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Reader Comments (2)

  • Khilari
    Jul 18, 2017 - 4:29PM

    My sons are hooked on to it.Recommend

  • Sherdil
    Jul 24, 2017 - 9:26PM

    I’ve watched some of the Game of Thrones series, off and on, through 4 seasons, but there is nothing in in that makes it a great or even a good show. I tried to give it a chance.
    This is not in the same league as, let’s say, Lord of the Rings, which has a superb, ageless story, a real mythology in both the personal and collective sense, and characters who live each scene and thus come alive within us.
    Game of Thrones has no story. Instead, what it has is a series of narratives, which are scattered and which come together here and there but never really gel.
    Because there is no story, there is no myth, and because there is no myth (personal or collective) the characters do not form, let alone come alive. What you have are actors, with some exceptions.
    Because Game of Thrones has none of these things, it then has to resort to gimmicks like sex, nude scenes, computer graphics, violence, blood and gore, with neither realism or fantasy, just unconvincing performances, costumes, dialog, etc.Recommend

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