Man arrested in Karachi for selling stray dogs painted to look like expensive breeds

Published: July 4, 2017


KARACHI: Police have arrested a man for duping people into buying stray dogs by using paint to make them look like expensive breeds and then posting their advertisements online.

He has been identified as Sagheer, a barber who lives in Khamosh Colony.

The North Nazimabad police arrested Sagheer after receiving a complaint against him.

“He [Sagheer] was arrested on a citizen’s complaint that he sold stray dogs at a high prices claiming that they were special breeds,” North Nazimabad DSP Naeem Khan told The Express Tribune.

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He added that the complainant, Riazuddin, told the police that he saw pictures of two dogs in an advertisement on a classifieds website and decided to buy them.

Sagheer, he added, sold him the dogs for Rs50,000 each.

“After I was delivered the dogs, I gave them a bath and the paint on them came off,” he said in his statement.

The police said besides Riazuddin, Sagheer had defrauded several other customers. He ran the business with his brother-in-law and other companions.

The police also found four stray dogs at his house painted to look like German shepherds.

During interrogation, Sagheer confessed to his crime. He told the police that he and his accomplices caught stray dogs on the streets.

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They painted the animals and posted their advertisements along with pictures online. They delivered the dogs at their customers’ homes.

DSP Naeem Khan said Sagheer was produced before a court on Tuesday.

“He has been arrested under Section 420 (fraud) of the Pakistan Penal Code. It is a bailable offense and he can easily be released on bail,” the official added. “But the police are also looking for his accomplices.”


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Reader Comments (2)

  • MJ-Sid
    Jul 6, 2017 - 3:20AM

    So if he had painted them with black and yellow stripes the buyers would have bought them as tigers?Recommend

  • laughable
    Jul 6, 2017 - 10:09AM

    Enterprising!!!. If in Pakistan a degree is a degree, than a dog is a dog. if people can make clones, make virtual images, make everything fake, what is wrong with this profession. It is up to the person who buys this dog to know better what he is buying. Surely anyone can make out a difference between a Labrador and a greyhound . Surely if someone dressed up Mr.N.S. as Mr.N.M. one would know!!.Recommend

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