Kalma Chowk project will only benefit 'automobile elite'

Advocate Rafay Alam talks about the demerits of the flyover to be built in Lahore.

Ema Anis April 06, 2011

Advocate Rafay Alam, speaking on The Morning Show on Express24/7, said huge investments being undertaken for the Kalma Chowk project in Lahore will only benefit the ‘automobile elite’.

Alam is advocating the Lahore Conservation Society’s appeal against the construction of a flyover at the Kalma Chowk.

“This project is being created at the spot where two major stations of the rapid mass transit project were to be made,” he said. “Mass transit project is a subway system which should be a part of the solution to Lahore's transport system.”

Commenting on the alternative to the project, Alam said that instead of two bridges, a single beam having six lanes should be constructed which would be less costly and would consume less land.

He stressed on the importance of public transport and said it would benefit the majority rather than only the rich who can afford cars. He also said that the car prices and parking prices should be increased in order to promote public transportation.


Farooqi | 10 years ago | Reply if mister rafay thinks the billions jammed on that road EVERYDAY forms the "automobile elite" then im honored to be categorized in such a classification because i too own an automobile but financially am miles away from an elite class. Just build the darn thing please before more nuts set obstacles en route!
Omar | 10 years ago | Reply Azam, Yes of course I do communte via cannal road every day. The bottle necks I come across are mostly at Jail Road underpass and at Punjab University, But Good thing about canal is that traffic moves even if it is at a snails pace. In my opinion, widening canal road will not have much impact. Punjab university congestion is mostly due to slow moving buses. When they stop to pick up passengers half the road is blocked anyway. Mostly these buses dont stop at the bus stop designated. Secondly a lot of my fellow motor cycle riders dont really ride down the designated lanes. In fact we are all over the lanes. Mix of slow and fast moving vehicles in all lanes creates problems. At Kalma chowk this straying down lanes effect is scaled down a lot. Thanks to traffic wardens who are trigger happy to fine anyone on straying out too much. I am not a scientist to comment on the impact of a specific variety of tree on the environment, your comment might as well be quite valid. It seems that you too agree that Kalma Chowk flyover is urgently needed.
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