Congressman urges Trump to consider resuming airstrikes in Pakistan

Adam Kinzinger urges Trump administration to "get back to some real tough love" when dealing with Pakistan

News Desk May 26, 2017
Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger says the US has to "come back to carrots and sticks". PHOTO COURTESY: Illinois Review

A US congressman has said President Donald Trump should consider resuming US airstrikes on terrorist groups that shelter in Pakistan to attack targets in neighbouring Afghanistan, Sputnik International reported on Friday.

Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger told guests at the Woodrow Wilson Centre think-tank on Thursday that that it was natural for a new president to pause and take stock of relations with US partners, but he urged the Trump administration to "get back to some real tough love" when dealing with Pakistan.

"We need to frankly look at the consequences and consider doing it — of opening up strikes again," he added.

Trump administration to reduce military aid to Pakistan

The Obama administration carried out dozens of drone strikes in tribal zones of northwest Pakistan, but only conducted three airstrikes in the country in 2016.

Kinzinger also urged the Trump administration to begin pressing the Pakistani government to increase anti-terrorism efforts.

"We have to come back to carrots and sticks," Kinzinger remarked.

"Ultimately we have to make it clear that we are going to cross the border if necessary because they [the Pakistani government] are not doing enough."

Kinzinger named al Qaeda, the Taliban and Haqqani Network as the primary terrorist groups that operated out of Pakistan.


Waqar | 4 years ago | Reply @ABHISHEK BHARTI: Hanging Indian Agents :)
Sajid Ansari | 4 years ago | Reply Mr. Ted Poe and James Clad, US Congressmen, have asked Trump to declare Pakistan a 'Terrorist State'. These two gentlemen to please note that the renowned journalist John Pilger has declared the US as a terrorist state. He says in his article published in The Independent, dated August 30, 1998, " The World's worst Terrorists are the ones based in Washington". He is right as what the US has done in Iraq, Libya and what she is doing in Syria these days along with ISIS, the new name of Al-Qaida, and TTP, terrorist organizations made by US-CIA & Mossad Similarly, India has been sending terrorists, Kulbhushan Jadhav, Kashmir Sing, Ravindra Kaushik, Sarabjit Singh, and Sheikh Shamim, to Pakistan who killed more than 50,000 innocent Pakistanis through bomb blasts in Punjab, Baluchistan, Karachi - Sindh, and they all have also confessed their crimes, plus an India active-service Lt. Col Promit involved in burning 'Samjhota Express" train wherein 68 Muslims were burned to ashes. And the poor Trump is so ill-informed that he does not know all this about what’s happening between two nuclear-laced neighbors in South East Asia and who is doing what. So, Mr. Poe and Clad, in view of the above, whether the government of Pakistan declares US and India the terrorist states or not, the people of Pakistan have already declared India and the US as the "Terrorist States".
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